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the sparking of the + battery cable would work but if you connect a test light between th e cable end and the battery post you could see the light on and then go off when the right fuse is pulled---I would not be looking for a bad wire(that would cause a fuse to blow) I would look for a glove box light or a trunk light to be on all the time A bad battery is also a possibility or an alternater with a bad diode causing the field to be hot all the time----disconnect to check or feel the alternater when the engine has been off for hours to see if it is warmBefore spending money on dialisis testing on your car here is what to check for find your fuse box.... after locating your fuse box open hood and take positive lead off of your batt after recharging it and when you touch the lead to the post on the batt if it sparks usually means there is a bad wire if this is the case then you want to take each fuse out one by one and each fuse you take out retouch the positive lead if it sparks still replace that fuse its fine and go to the next one until you find the one that makes it stop sparking then you know that the labled fuse is the part that has the bad wire ....and there you'll find the cause of the batt drain (I have a convertable that is doing the same thing come to find out is my convertable top that has the bad wires ) I took the fuse out if it is something u dont really use like say a/c or power locks stuff like that then u can take the fuse out and it will stop draining your batt....Hope this is helpful in your repair!! :)

Could be a dead cell in your battery ?

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:07:57
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Q: How do you fix a major battery drain that drains while the engine is off too in a '93 Buick Regal?
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