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How do you fix a motorized seatbelt jammed in the up position the motor runs but it doesn't move?

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August 16, 2009 12:57AM

i WOULD RECOMMEND TAKEING THE INNER PANEL OFF AND WATCHING THE MOTOR AND ITS COMPONENTS. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY SEE SOMETHING LIKE THE MOTOR TURNING BUT STRIPPED PARTS PREVENTING IT FROM ACTUALLY PUSHING AND PULLING THE SEAT BELT, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAR. i HAD TO PCK UP A USED MOTOR,(UNDER 100), AND PUT IT IN MYSELF, FIXED IT IN UNDER AND HOUR. These type of seatbelt usually use a plastic "tape" to move the seatbelt, after years of use and the track grease going dry (in metal track over the door), the gear teeth eventually strip out the holes in the tape. You can get replacement tapes fairly cheap, or, I went to the wrecking yard and grabbed the tape from a passenger side unit, because it will have far less wear on it. A good hint that it's time to clean and lube the track to prevent stripping the tape is when the belts get noisy and chatter when they move. Always clean the metal over-door track and put fresh lithium grease in it when replacing the tape.