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i WOULD RECOMMEND TAKEING THE INNER PANEL OFF AND WATCHING THE MOTOR AND ITS COMPONENTS. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY SEE SOMETHING LIKE THE MOTOR TURNING BUT STRIPPED PARTS PREVENTING IT FROM ACTUALLY PUSHING AND PULLING THE SEAT BELT, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAR. i HAD TO PCK UP A USED MOTOR,(UNDER 100), AND PUT IT IN MYSELF, FIXED IT IN UNDER AND HOUR. These type of seatbelt usually use a plastic "tape" to move the seatbelt, after years of use and the track grease going dry (in metal track over the door), the gear teeth eventually strip out the holes in the tape. You can get replacement tapes fairly cheap, or, I went to the wrecking yard and grabbed the tape from a passenger side unit, because it will have far less wear on it. A good hint that it's time to clean and lube the track to prevent stripping the tape is when the belts get noisy and chatter when they move. Always clean the metal over-door track and put fresh lithium grease in it when replacing the tape.

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How do you fix a 95 Chevy Lunmina Minivan power sliding door after it was jammed with a seatbelt?

REmove the fuse for a minute according to the owners manual.

If the brakes of the plane fail will the plane fly?

If the brakes are jammed in the STOP position, the airplane will slow and eventually stop and have to land/crash/ditch. If they are jammed in the normal position, the airplane can still fly.

How can I open a car door that I shut on the seatbelt which is now jammed?

Push very hard on the door so that the latch seats completely. Then, open the door.

How do you fix lever action jammed in down position on Marlin 39A 22 rifle?

I have a Marlin 30 30 deer rifle and it is jammed with the lever action down how can I unjam it?

How do you remove an ignition switch that is jammed in the run position on a 1991 sunbird?

Never mind figured it out

Should you play football if you jammed your finger?

It depends on how bad the injury is and your position. If you are a lineman it would be okay.

How do you fix a jammed retractable seatbelt in 2004 Isuzu Ascender?

best to get one from the breakers as they are a challenge to put together again, also they could possibly fail if not repaired properly in the event of an accident

How do you make a sentence using the word jammed?

Traffic was jammed in both directions.I jammed my toe.She jammed her finger when she fell.

How do you free hubs that have jammed into the lock position on a 1989 Isuzu Trooper?

Locked forever as in abused or worse? Not enuff about it to get a competent answer.

How to replace 1990 Ford Festiva ignition key lock jammed in off position?

You can't repair it you can only replace it.

What is the duration of The Jammed?

The duration of The Jammed is 1.48 hours.

What if the middle seatbelt is stuck in mondeo st24 how do you fix it?

I have encountered this problem in a standard 2.0 Mondeo. Basically, I have found that when the seat back is folded forward, with the mechanism in a horizontal plane (as opposed to a vertical plane), the release mechanism will not operate. This is extremely annoying as you you cannot then lift the seat back into the upright position as the jammed mechanism won't allow it. The answer is to pull the seat squab forward to access the seatbelt mounting bolt. Undo the mounting (you really need an appropriate sized torx spanner for this, but I found an Allen key worked OK). You can then raise the seatback and this releases the mechanism, and you can then reconnect the mounting. What you need to do now is to put a stop in the seatbelt (I've used a safety pin temporarily) to make sure the seatbelt does not reel in when you next lower the seat back. Hope this helps!

What if cats dont cough up hair balls?

it means that its pur hole is jammed it means that its pur hole is jammed it means that its pur hole is jammed it means that its pur hole is jammed

What should you do if the automatic shoulder belt in your 1988 Toyota Camry is jammed in the unbelted position?

Take it to the trim shop. It probably will need replaced.

How many syllables does the word jammed have?

The word jammed has one syllable.

Why isn't your car engine warming up?

The most likely cause of a long warm up time would be that the thermostat has jammed in the open position

I have inadvertently jammed the bolt on my dads No 4 Mk 12 in the back position is anyone able to tell you how you can unjam it?

You need to seek the services of a gunsmith.

How can i fix a dixie narco soda machine when it only reads try another selection and nothing is jammed at the bottom?

the adjustable cam is in the wrong position

How did Bessie Coleman died?

The day before an airshow, her mechanic William Wills was flying an airplane. Bessie was going over the plane and had no seatbelt on. A wrench got into the gearbox and jammed it, causing the plane to taildive and crash. Bessie fell 1500 feet and died. :(

Is it normal for a jammed finger to swell?

Yes, it is very normal for a jammed finger to swell.

How do you fix a front lode washer that is jammed?

how do you fix a front lode washer that is jammed

Why doesnt a three phase motor work?

It works just fine. If you have one that is malfunctioning, there are two possibilities: 1...It is mechanically jammed. 2...It has a shorted turn on one of it's windings.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Jammed - 2007?

The Jammed - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA

How do you fix a jammed seatbelt?

Well all seat belts are made differently depending on the type of car and the year of car. What you should do if you have a broken seat belt, is contact your dealership and tell them about your situation, your car dealer will know best on how to fix it, due to the fact that they build the car.

Is your finger broken or jammed?

it is swelled a little but it hurts a little worse and the swelling is going do is it broken or jammed