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This is based on my experience with a 1995 200 sx se. I assume they are similar. The se uses the 1.6 engine and the se-r the 2.0. engine. The odometer runs on the same electronic gear driven sensor as the speedometer so if the speedometer is working and the odometer is not the problem is in the "Speed head" (speedometer unit in the dash). Mine and several others I have seen break at about 40,000 and will need replacing but first; If neither are working try to set your Cruise control. If it "goes wild" with clicks etc. and does not work the problem is likely the speed sensor located on the transmission. Find it on top on the transmission rear the fire wall. One set screw hold a small retaining plate. Remove it and pull straight up. The nylon gear wears out and causes it to not contact the drive gear anymore.

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Q: How do you fix a odometer on your 1995 Nissan 200 se-r?
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Sorry, it can't be done. You have to change the whole unit because the odometer is tamperproof. Check with your Nissan dealer to see what your options are.

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