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How do you fix a parking brake if the button got knocked out of the handle?

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Depending on the age of the car I would call or visit either a) (New) the dealer, b) (3-5years old) the manufacturer-specific wrecking yard, or c) (ancient) the local pull-it yourself wrecking yard.

I would buy whatever parts they recommended, and then take apart the whole thing and fix it.

A Haynes (or equivalent) repair manual for your car (about $20 at the local auto parts stoor ) is a good starting point.

2002 Saturn SL2 or SL1 or other similar years

Remove the black sheet metal screw on the passenger side of the rubber boot on the brake handle assembly. Wiggle the entire plastic handle and boot off the brake handle. The button is about 1" x 1" x 3/8". It is tapped with a #10 x 24 thread and screwed onto the operating rod. The spring that locks the button fits onto the threaded rod and operates by pushing the button out to lock the handle in position.

I was able to repair the stripped button with epoxy. First you must take the tension off the spring by compressing the spring and tying it with very thin wire or fishing line. Slip the spring onto the rod and slip it into the notch in the stamped metal handle. Glue the button back on. Make sure it is aligned properly. Now wait 24 hours or so for the epoxy to set-up and harden. Don't forget to put a rag under the epoxy to catch any drips. After the exopy is hard, snip off the wire compressing the locking spring and pull out the bits with needlenose pliers. Reinstall the boot and reinstall the screw.

You have just saved about 380 bucks based on NYC dealer prices for parts & labor.

2015-07-15 21:47:18
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How do you dis-engage the parking brake on a 1988 305Lo3 camaro?

Depress the button on the parking brake handle and move the lever down

How do you disingage parking brake 1970 vw beetle?

lift handle hard. then push button in end then relax hand but not button.

How do yoo adjust the Parking brake on a Lexus is 300?

Remove the cover of the parking break handle. On the back (opposite the button you push to release) there is a little nut to tighten and loosen.

How do you release the parking brake?

On most cars with a foot pedal parking brake, there is a handle usually just above it that you pull to release the brake.

Why does the parking brake light come on on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

The parking brake light comes on when you engage the parking brake. Pull the parking brake release handle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the brake light also comes on if the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder is low ( in your engine compartment )

Where is the Yukon parking brake release?

On the newer vehicles, you push the parking brake down to release the parking brake. Older vehicles have a release handle on the lower left side of the dashboard.

How do you replace a parking brake handle on an S-10 1996 Chevy Blazer?

That's what I am asking you. How do you replace a parking brake handle on an S-10 1996 Chevy Blazer?

Brake light stays on in dash?

It is possible the hand/foot parking brake may be partially engaged. With the foot parking brake, you may have to pull on the release handle while simultaneously with your foot, pull back on the parking brake.

How do you release parking brake?

There is usually a release handle somewhere near the parking brake pedal. Often slightly above and toward the outside of the car.

How do you release the parking brake on a 93 Cadillac fleetwood?

It releases automatically when you shift out of park. If you have to do it manually under the parking brake is a silver handle that releases it.

How do you put the parking brake on a Murray lawn tractor?

First, push the clutch/brake pedal all the way in (forward) with your left foot. Then, while holding that pedal in, lift the small handle (the parking brake) on the right side of the engine housing (just above the right foot rest area) with your right hand. While holding the small handle all the way up, release the clutch/brake pedal. The pedal will move back only a short distance and stay there. The parking brake is set. To release the parking brake, just push the clutch/brake pedal forward and the small parking brake handle will fall down, releasing the parking brake. By PhilfromPA

What can you do if the handle of the back brake has the button inside and it is so hard to deactivate the back brake?

try pulling up on handle before pushing button. the button is a locking device, and needs the tension released Repeated pulling on the hand brake will slide the grip over the button. Try sliding the plastic/rubber grip down the handle to expose the button.

How do you release the parking brake on a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?

If it doesn't have a release handle, you step down on the parking brake pedal one more time to release it.

How do you fix Parking brake light always on 93 Camry?

Make sure brake fluid level in master cylinder is correct Make sure parking brake is fully released Make sure switch on parking brake handle is adjusted properly

How do you fix the parking brake that will not lock on a 1993 Ford Probe?

If it is to loose when you pull the parking brake handle = tighten the bolt that is under the panel that surrounds the parking brake handle on the floor. If it's not the handle there is a wire hooked to an fork with an spring load on each rear brake fundament. Look from behind on the inside of the brake disc and see that the wire is a tight and tension loaded fit. None the above, make sure the brake pads are in recommended value (6 mm thickness of lining with the metal plate)

How do you undo your parking brake?

There should be a parking brake lever above the parking brake pedal that you pull to disengage the parking brake. It depends on the type you have; if it is a pull-up lever in your center console they can give you a little trouble. Pull it up slightly and while you have upward pressure press and hold the button on the end, than it will drop.

How do you adjust parking brake on silverado 2000?

First make sure rear service brakes are adjusted properly Parking brake adjustment should either be at the junction of the three cable under vehicle or at the parking brake handle (May have to remove trim to access)

Emergency brake push knob broke off how do you fix 98 jeep Cherokee?

You have to replace the parking brake handle assembly.

How do you release the park brake on a 1994 Geo Tracker park on a hill?

Hi, This should be a simple, straightforward procedure. Step on the brake to make sure you don't roll when you release the parking brake. Lift the parking brake handle a bit (if it has been made to be set hard, it may need an effort to lift th handle) then push the button the end to release the brake then lowere the handle. I hope this helps and you get on your way. Steve H. If you are saying, that the hill has pulled the tight brake, and now its like extra stuck, I would try giving it some gas, to get the wheel rolling in the other direction of the hill, then try what he said

How do you release a parking brake with a broken handle on a 1998 Dodge Dakota?

You would have to find a tube or something to release the handle and ratchet.

Is it possible to replace the handle only on the parking brake of a 1994 Ranger?

yes it is very easy

Where is the convertible switch on a 97 mustang gt?

On the center console near the parking brake handle

Brake light is on in a Toyota Tacoma?

AnswerIndicator light on dash? Check fluid level in master cylinderMake sure parking brake is fully releasedCheck Brake fluid levelI have a 1996 Tacoma 2.7L and my brake indicator light on the dash is always on. So- here's how to check what's wrong... Start truck, release parking brake, if light is on, push the parking brake handle in/towards dash, if light goes off then you have a bad spring (like my truck does) or the like on the parking brake handle. That's all. Sometimes when I drive, I push it in/light goes off and then the handle works it's way out again and the light comes back on.

What is the a button that looks like the park brake button on the Audi a8?

It is a electromagnetic Parking brake button. Press down to disengage and pull up to engage. you should hear a distinctive sound in the process that sounds like a low power electric drill. when the noise goes away after 2 seconds, the parking brake is engaged or disengaged. when engaged, the button will light up in red.

Where is the tire reset button on a 2006 mini cooper?

If you mean the Flat tire indicator button, it's next to the parking brake.