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Depending on the age of the car I would call or visit either a) (New) the dealer, b) (3-5years old) the manufacturer-specific wrecking yard, or c) (ancient) the local pull-it yourself wrecking yard.

I would buy whatever parts they recommended, and then take apart the whole thing and fix it.

A Haynes (or equivalent) repair manual for your car (about $20 at the local auto parts stoor ) is a good starting point.

2002 Saturn SL2 or SL1 or other similar years

Remove the black sheet metal screw on the passenger side of the rubber boot on the brake handle assembly. Wiggle the entire plastic handle and boot off the brake handle. The button is about 1" x 1" x 3/8". It is tapped with a #10 x 24 thread and screwed onto the operating rod. The spring that locks the button fits onto the threaded rod and operates by pushing the button out to lock the handle in position.

I was able to repair the stripped button with epoxy. First you must take the tension off the spring by compressing the spring and tying it with very thin wire or fishing line. Slip the spring onto the rod and slip it into the notch in the stamped metal handle. Glue the button back on. Make sure it is aligned properly. Now wait 24 hours or so for the epoxy to set-up and harden. Don't forget to put a rag under the epoxy to catch any drips. After the exopy is hard, snip off the wire compressing the locking spring and pull out the bits with needlenose pliers. Reinstall the boot and reinstall the screw.

You have just saved about 380 bucks based on NYC dealer prices for parts & labor.

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Q: How do you fix a parking brake if the button got knocked out of the handle?
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That's what I am asking you. How do you replace a parking brake handle on an S-10 1996 Chevy Blazer?

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