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Water pan is not something that I am familiar with, but if you are getting water on the floor on the passenger side then your heater core may be leaking, the drain tube for the ac is blocked ( it sticks out through the firewall on the passenger side and can be cleaned out with a coat hanger or compressed air).

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โˆ™ 2007-02-14 13:47:29
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Q: How do you fix a rain and AC water pan under the passenger side that is blocked?
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How is water getting into the rear footwell on the passenger side of my vw passat anyone know how to solve this?

it may be caused by the drain hole from the window screen being blocked it is located under the battery also check that the rain bar on top of the pollen filter is still there and not been left off allowing rain to travel in and down the heater pipes.

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under the bonnet passenger side bottom of windscreen under plastic rain cover deflector whilst your doing that clear debri from rain drain both sides good luck

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Your 1996 gmc suburban leaks water in the rain any known trouble spots?

Does it leak on the passenger front flooor?

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How do you find the rain leak the fills the right front floor on your 2001 Echo?

I had the same problem in my echo and I am guessing that it actually isn't a rain leak. If it is what I think it is you probably had a passenger kick off a hose that is connected to your condenser and the water is coming from your air conditioning. The hose is supposed to lead the water through the floor pan and out the bottom of the car, hense why you get a puddle under the car when you use your A/C. So look as far forward as you can on the passenger side floor and see if that is your problem. If it is actually a rain leak sorry for the big waste of time.

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My 95 blazer has a leak that normally shows up after a heavy rain. It is caused by water running down the windshield into the air duct outside the vehicle. The water runs down the passenger side of the duct where the fresh air vent is located. If the fresh air vent is stuck open and a heavy rain comes, I'm given a puddle of water in the passenger side floor mat.

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On the passenger side under the hood next to the fire wall (near the back of the glove box) under the cover plate and rain shield.

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What would cause rainwater to come out of the driver side under the seat heater vent duct on a Mazda 626?

Check to see if it feels like regular water, or if it's "slippery" when rubbed between your fingers. (The slippery feel comes from the lubricant used in antifreeze). If it's slippery, then you probably have a leaking heater core. If it is really rain water, you may have a blocked evaporator drain. A blocked drain will also cause water to build up when you run the a/c on a humid day.

Water on floor?

If it is clear rain water, the drains in the cowl vents are probably plugged up with debris. If it is engine coolant and it is only on the passenger side, the heater core is probably leaking.

Why does a 2003 Cavalier under warranty continue to leak water from under the dash onto the passenger floorboard?

Get ahold of the service manager and tell him your problem. Ask him if you can take it to another garage and have him pay for it. They just aren't checking their work. If it leaks while or after raining, I would suspect the windshield is leaking around the edge causing the water to run down the windshield pillar behind the trip. If it's not caused by rain, the air conditioner drain pipe is blocked, bent or missing causing the runoff to come out the bottom of the module and onto the floor. I suspect the heater core.

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