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Buy a new one.

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Q: How do you fix a razr went into a swimming pool and will turn on but the buttons wont work?
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The gas heater for the swimming pool won't turn on?

Call a swimming pool tech to trouble shoot then show you how everything works.

How do you get calcium out of the water in an in-ground swimming pool?

Turn the pool upside-down and knock on the bottom.

How would hydrostatic pressure affect a swimming pool?

once you had to empty your swimming pool it might turn into a fu***ing boat ing boat out of it

Can chlorine turn swimming pool water brown?

Yes if you use well water it can turn the pool brown or black for it has a lot ofIron..

What is the Formula for water in swimming pool?

Attach a hose to a spigot, turn on spigot

What would you see if bromine was put into to a swimming pool?

turn the water yellow

Why did my swimming pool turn brown?

you probably have a problem with algae. A pool shop will be able to supply you with the chemicals to tackle it.

Will you hair go green if you go swimming after you dye your hair?

The chlorine in the swimming pool caused your hair to turn green

Will a pool turn green after dogs swim in it?

haha, no Not just from dogs swimming in it. It can turn green because of the water being dirty. If it is your swimming pool it probably needs more chlorine or whatever you use for keeping it clean. If it is a kiddie pool just change the water.

What causes swimming pool water to turn green?

Usually Algae, which can be cleared with an algaecide

Why does the swimming pool turn my ring black?

Inexpensive ring - improper water chemistry.

Why does the water from your swimming pool turn orange-reddish when you test it for chlorine?

The reason for this is that it has chlorine in it.

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