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You haven't learned to be independent. You can become so by volunteering at something you are interested in. Take up a sport, artwork, digital imagery, Photography and set out on your own. No one (male/female) wants to feel trapped by their mate all the time. You have to trust your partner and let them go out with their male friends and you go out with your female friends on occasion. Give it a shot! Sit down and write on a piece of paper what makes you feel so afraid of getting out there and doing things on your own or with friends. Once you have written the list you should have your answer and you can work on it. You've got to start somewhere!

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How do you stop emotional eating?

Fix the depression that is causing the emotional eating.

What is a person who helps to fix a relationship called?

A relationship counselor

How do i fix my relationship?


What does relationship molding mean?

It means to fix or improve a relationship.

How can I fix a broken relationship?

There is a few ways you can fix a broken relationship. You can do what the other person likes and talk about what you do not like and what you do like.

What is the coldplays best songs?

One of the best would be FIX YOU. It is very emotional.

How is counseling a relationship?

Counseling helps you fix problems you have in your relationship and help you to have a stronger relationship with your significant other.

How do you fix my relationship?

Answer First, you have to determine what is wrong in the relationship and then take it from there. Talk to the person that you are in the relationship with and try to work things out.

How do you save a relationship from dying?

Bring up problems with the relationship to your partner and with solutions on how to fix them and hopefully they can be resolved and the relationship can continue to live on.

How do you fix the relationship?

By going back to the way you started off.

How do you fix an un happy relationship?

Try not to be a total idiot.

What is relationship between polymer and monomer?

the pre-fix mono means one the pre-fix poly means many

How do you fix a standstill relationship?

well the best way i would is to apoligize

Why do people use drugs when they get upset an emotional?

Because it's a fast fix. If they are having upsets which are uncomfortable they want to feel better fast but this really is not the answer, they could get addicted and that is worse than the emotional problem.

Im having relationship problems?

If you are having relationship problems, talk to your partner so you can come up with a plan to fix your issues.

How do you fix a mother and son relationship?

Do something nice for next mothers day

How do you fix a broken heart relationship wise?

find another heart to love

How do you save the broke up relationship?

To save a broke up relationship talk to your partner. Clear all the misunderstandings that are there. This will most probably save the relationship.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fix It for Me - 1920?

The cast of Fix It for Me - 1920 includes: Bartine Burkett

How do you fix an abusive relationship if you want to stay?

Lots and lots of therapy, both individual and couples' therapy. The better way to fix an abusive relationship is to get out and cut your losses now. More than likely, it will not get better. You deserve more.

What is the role of communication on social life?

Communication is the most important thing in a successful communication. If you fix your communication, you fix your relationship. Commitment is vital - be prepared to commit to communicate in the relationship, no matter what. Don't give others the "silent treatment".

How can you fix your relationship with your boyfriend please help?

it depends on what the problem is. To make a relationship works, both people needs to work at it. It is hard work.

Can you fix condfidence trust and honest in a relationship from the beginning or not?

Once you've screwed up and lost your partner's confidence and trust it is very hard to get it back. You're going to have to change and change big - and you're going to have to prove that you have changed by your actions for a long time before they will trust you again.

How do you fix a relationship after an unknown cause?

If your relationship needs fixing & you don't know what the cause is, it sounds like you two just stopped loving one another; the relationship has run its course.

How can you fix a broken relationship if you and your partner has problems?

This isn't a very good place to ask that.

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