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How do you fix a slipping transmission on a 1990 Oldsmobile cutlass SL?


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2006-08-17 19:00:51
2006-08-17 19:00:51

you must change out the tourqe converter or hydrolic kit on trans.


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Inside the transmission attached to the valve body, under the trans pan, which must be removed to gain access.

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diagram of firing order on a 1990 Oldsmobile cutless 3.3 engine

depends on what accessory your looking for.

The master cylinder contains the reservoir for the brake fluid. This is where you would add it on an 1990 Cutlass Supreme.

the flasher is on the right side under the glove box.

you probably have half American standard and half metric.

May have to take it to a certified speedometer repair shop

According to, the fuel capacity for the 1994 Cutlass Supreme is 16.5 gallons. Many years ago I owned a 1968 Cutlass Supreme convertible--a very fun car.

Use a "C" Clamp to fully retract the piston into the caliper body

you will have to drop your gas tank its inside the tank drive safe

Just like the radiator on the 1966 VW Beetle.... because neither exits. The last American carbureted auto engine was a 1990 Oldsmobile.

I found it in my repair manual. It is about 26 to 32 psi.

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The turn signal flasher is under the the dashboard attached to a clip mounted to the steering column.

the library should have a shop manual for this vehicle, you can make copies of the right sections :)

Its in the engine compartment of the vehicle on the right hand side of the vehicle (your left) by the charcoal canister.

if its like my 87 olds ciera 4cyl its attached behind the ignition moduallType your answer here...

the alternator is located on the upper left hand side of the engine. just follow the belt and you will find it located at the top.that is where mine is.

Hey Carol==If it is from an Olds cutlas it probably will although some had a 3 speed and some a 4 speed. GoodluckJoe

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