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Unfortunately... you may have to either find another from a junkyard, if they will sell it. Or have the dealership replace it. I have had mine buzz for 2 years now, being too lazy to take care of it. Last month I had the spedometer spin like a propeller and take out the gas gage. Today, the odometer stopped working. Takeing off the panels and removing the instrument panel is easy. Getting the Spedometer cable reattached is difficult. Probably have to remove most of the dash just to get my hands in there.. I've had the problem and it's especially when it's cold. I removed the instrument panel and the harness, removing the speedo cable isn't easy but if you remove the cable from underneath first, you'll be able to have enough to get ample cable up from the back, of course the grommet will proably come out from the firewall but that goes in easily especially if you spray it with PAM. After I had the instrument panel off, I lubed the inside of the cable connection on the back of the speedo and put everything back together. I used a lightweight grease that will stand up under use and heat. My speedo is now quiet. You need to be real careful when removing the cable as you can break the plastic end if you're not careful then you ned a new cable. OEM is about $100. but I've also seen aftermarket for about $20. Just have a warm day and if you haven't taken the panel off before, I heartily suggest a book and at the least patience. You can get scraped hands doing this but it's worth it. Take care and good luck. Steve H. If your not in the mood to do all that,,, who would be,,, simply remove the front left speaker, reach your hand down inside, feel the cable, about 6 inches down, round and firm, move it up or down, then drive it and see, I did it like he did, the hard way, and it didnt do anything, a few days later I remembered it was pretty close to the speaker, and decided to try again before it drove me nuts, pulled of the speaker, pushed down hard on the cable until it felt like it caught and stayed put, got in, drove, and a year later it's running fine

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Q: How do you fix a squeaky odometer in your 1996 Geo Tracker?
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