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How do you fix a sticking gas pedal on a 2002 Chevy blazer?


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2010-09-19 11:58:42
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Clean the throttle body with a spray throttle body cleaner.

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An alternator from a 2000 Chevy blazer will fit a 2002 S10 blazer with a little fabrication.

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how do you set the timing on a distriubtor for a 2002 Chevy blazer

I would like to know if my 2002 chevy blazer with a stock 4.3 vortec pull 2000 lbs ?

The fuse or relay for power windows on a 2002 Chevy Blazer is located under the dash near the emergency brake. It can be readily replaced by pulling it out.

I have a 2002 Blazer with the 4.3L engine and it gets 17 to 19 MPG, average.

when you put drive chevy blazer 2002 ls 4wd it turns off, what's the problem

If a windshield wipe arm is loose on a 2002 Chevrolet Blazer, it likely needs to be replaced. It probably has a broken connection.

I have a 2002 Blazer with the 4.3L engine and 3.73 differential gear ratio, it gives me 17 mpg on average.

You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head.

Assuming that it has a 4.3L engine, it would be the distributor.

No it will not. The design of the 2002 Transmission is different.

The 4.3L engine in 2002 should have 60 to 66 psi of fuel pressure.

The fuse for the sunroof on a 2002 Chevy Blazer is located in the main fuse panel near the hood release. It provides power directly to the sunroof's motor and control panel.

You can reset the 2002 Chevrolet blazer security system by removing the security system fuse. Keep the fuse out for 10 seconds and replace it to its original slot.

It is located in the fuel tank. The tank has to be dropped to pull it out and change it.

On the poppet bank under the upper intake manifold.

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