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Good question. If it is stuck because you spilled water or something on it, turn it upside down and let it dry out. That usually works for me, but this time two keys remained stuck, and it was only water. The rest of the keys recovered.

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โˆ™ 2007-06-24 06:21:10
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Q: How do you fix a stuck computer key?
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On Windows PC When you press the L key computer logs out How do you fix this?

If you press the "L" key, and it logs off, then you are probably pressing the "Ctrl+L" combination. Check to see if your "Ctrl" key is stuck.

The ignition key is stuck in your 1974 corvette how do you fix it?

Put it in reverse.

How do you fix a stuck piano key?

To fix a stuck piano key you really should call a piano technician. There are so many reasons why a key may stick. It may be very simple, but it may also be extremely difficult and time consuming. You many need to locate a piano technician in your area.

How do you fix a trunk latch stuck in open position?

When trunks get older, sometimes the latches get stuck. To fix them a person needs to add oil to the latch to loosen up the parts of the lock and turn the key hard.


On a label stuck to your computer or on the information accompanying the Windows 8.1 CD.

How do you fix the computer screen when it is upside down?

CTRL+ALT+up arrow key

The ignition key will not return to the lock position and is stuck in the steering column what happened and how do you fix it?

The key is worn out , u need to try pulling out w/pliers ,use a newer key

Ignition key stuck in ignition?

Key is stuck in ingnition

When you arrive at the customer's desk the computer is giving a continuous beep noise that will not stop What is the problem?

A key on the key board is stuck in the down position

What key to get mouse unstuck?

The most effective way to de bug a 'stuck' mouse is to restart your computer.

How do i fix my computer screen if it is facing sideways?

try ctrl alt and the up arrow key

I accidentely made my computer screen small by pressing something how do you fix it?

you fix it by pressing f11 on your key board. Then the screnn is back to normal.

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