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How do you fix a stuck computer key?


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Good question. If it is stuck because you spilled water or something on it, turn it upside down and let it dry out. That usually works for me, but this time two keys remained stuck, and it was only water. The rest of the keys recovered.


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If you press the "L" key, and it logs off, then you are probably pressing the "Ctrl+L" combination. Check to see if your "Ctrl" key is stuck.

I fix mine by pressing the ALT key. That's also how it gets stuck.

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you fix it by pressing f11 on your key board. Then the screnn is back to normal.

On some computers, this is corrected by pressing the right 'Alt' key and the 'Arrow Up' key at the same time.

To fix the HangB1 on your computer, simply uninstal it from your computer.

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