How do you fix a television that won't turn on?


There are a number of reasons that might prevent a conventional (CRT) TV from turning on. If there is power to the set and it won't come on, there is an electronic problem. There are startup circuits inside the set, and they essentially form a "loop" of sorts. Any "break" in the loop, that is, any failed component in the loop, will prevent the set from starting up.

Some sets have an internal fuse, but very few actually do. Protection is provided by components other than a fuse, and the failure of any one of them will "kill" the set. It should be noted that some components in the set fail because others have failed. The failure of multiple components is possible because of the design of the set. It is outside the charter of WikiAnswers to provide a whole electronics course leading to the successful repair of a TV. No site on the web can do this.