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How do you fix a timing belt in a 1994-1998 Honda Civic?


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If you are not mechanically inclined I'd suggest you take it to the shop because if you screw up, you will have to pay for a tow to the shop and pay the shop to fix it for you.

You will need a timing light/gun.

First loosen and remove power steering and alternator belts. Jack up the car and the main drive pulley (the big one that drives all your belts)to the TDC(top dead center)position by pointing the mark on the pulley straight up. Be careful because when you remove the pulley there is a little key that locks the pulley in place. Do not loose this or you'll be screwed.

Once you have removed the pulley, remove the timing belt cover. It is really tight and there are a lot of screws (hope you've got the tools). You have accomplished the hardest steps.

Once the TB cover is off, just loosen the TB tensioner until the belt is loose enough to come off. Slip the new belt on and tighten the tensioner until belt is tight so that when you push on the belt there is not much slack.

Reverse the procedure and put everything back the way it was before and hope that your car starts. If car starts, use timing gun and point it down toward the main drive pulley you should be able to see how far off your timing is. There is a red or white line in the middle on the edge of the pulley that is the center mark. There is another smaller white line, that is your timing indicator. To adjust, loosen the bolts on your distributor and move in forward or backward as needed to center timing. Good luck.

you will need to put your floor jack with a piece of wood under the oil pan so you can raise and lower the motor while doing this then you will need to take the motor mount off on the drivers side


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