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Check all of the bulbs. If it's flashing rapidly like that it usually means that one or more of the bulbs are burned out or that one or more of the light sockets is not properly grounded.

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Q: How do you fix a turn signal that flashes three times faster than it should on a 2001 VW Beetle?
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Why does the turn signal flashes to fast in a 2002 pontaic Montana?

You need to replace the turn signal bulb. When bulb is burnt out the turn signal will flash faster.

Why is your left turn signal flashes faster than your right on your 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

bulb is burnt

How do you make my turn signal blink faster?

Why would you want the blinker faster. They should blink at factory specs.

Why does the left turn signal flash faster than the right turn signal on a Mercury Grand Marquis?

When it flashes fast it means you have a burned out bulb omn that side. Check all you lights and you'll find the one that's burned out.

Signal arrow on left indicator flashes rapidly bulbs ok on holden barina 2005 lights not working?

Turn left indicator signal flashes rapidly when I use indicator, bulbs ok, no lights working

How do i Replace the rear turn signal bulb on a 05 beetle?

no no

What will cause the rt turn signal not to flash but rt rear flashes fast and it flashes fast in dash?

The right front bulb is probably burned out.

Why are antennas tall?

Because they need to be out of the way of solid objects to receive signal faster.

What is a firefly?

A firefly is a type of beetle that is related to the glowworm. They have a luminescent organ that flashes as a signal between the sexes. Fireflies are sometimes called lightening bugs.

How do you replace the turn signal switch on a new beetle?

To replace the turn signal switch on a new Beetle, the old switch has to be removed and a new one plugged in. The turn signal switch or flasher is located under the dash just above the brake pedal.

Why does my right turn signal intermittently flashes rapidly on my 1999 gmc sierra?

Your taillight is burned out.

How do you test the turn signal flasher?

have a friend stand in front of the car and look to see if it flashes or not

1997 grand am front right turn signal flashes quickly how do you change the turn signal bulb?

IF, the bulb doesnt light up at all than it is the turn signal balb but if the turn signal is flashing quickly, but still lights up like it should than it is quite possibly the turn signal phuse. And you need to check the phuse instead of thte bulb.

How do you fix a turning signal that flashes fast 1995 Cadillac Seville?

if it only flashes fast on one side, you have bulb out on that side. If both sides are fast, change the flasher

What causes the left only turn signal to flash rapidly when brake is applied?

When any turn signal on a vehicle flashes more rapidly than normal, then that means that a signal light on the side that is blinking is burned out. It could be either the front of back. You should check your signals to see if one is burnt out. The brake however should not affect this - you could have a short.

When your lights are on and you hite the brakes your left turn signal goes faster?

if your signal is faster than normal then you need a new bulb

Why does your turn signal not flash on 1973 beetle?

because the flasher in the fuse box is bad.

Why is the front turn signal located on the bumper of a VW Beetle 1974?

Mexican spec.

How do you make the signal lights to blink faster?

Buy a "highway" turn signal flasher

Why are the Mercury Grand Marquis 1989 turn signals flashing too fast. Is is the flasher unit .?

I have a 1996 Grand Marquis. If one of the brake lights goes out the signal on that side flashes faster. I would check the brake/tail lamps.

Where can you find a 2004 ford f 450 fuse box diagram?

my turn signal indicator flashes rapidly but the actual turn signal does not flash only on one side

Where is the turn signal flasher on a VW Beetle 2001?

The flasher is part of the hazard light switch.

What does it mean when right turn signal is faster than left?

It means your turn signal bulb burnt out.

Why dont the indicators work on my 1973 beetle but my hazards do?

cuz there broke.. try flasher or turn signal

How do you replace a rear turn signal bulb in a 2005 vw beetle convertible?

The rear turn signal bulb in a 2005 VW Beetle Convertible can be replaced by opening the rear hatch (engine compartment). The bulb's inside lens has to be removed and then the bulb can be exchanged for a new one.