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How do you fix an airbag in a Dodge Intrepid?


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Take it to someone who is qualified to work on airbags. Do NOT attempt to do anything to the airbags if you don't know what you're doing. Those things can go off for no apparant reason and can cause serious injury or death.


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The airbag computer has detected a malfunction and set a code.

Find the leak, and fix the cause.

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Probably a bad clockspring, be carefull that probably meens you're airbag is out of function too, Does the airbag light come on?

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Remove the complete dashboard. This is NOT an easy thing to do! It is back there in the center behind the radio and passenger airbag.

i had the same problem with my 02 intrepid it was the idler pulley to the ac belt $19 to fix it.

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You will have to check in with Dodge.

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