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Depends on where in the cooling system the leak is. Some choices are:

-Busted hose Find and replace house -Bad radiator Replace radiator -Leaking thermostat housing Replace thermostat housing and gasket -Failing water pump Replace water pump. While doing this, replace timing belt, tensioner, and idlers, as this is quick task, replace it all while you are in there.

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Q: How do you fix an antifreeze leak on a 2000 Leganza Daewoo?
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Is there an easy fix in replacing a head gasket for a 99 Daewoo Leganza?

I had an external antifreeze leak, and I tried a product called steelseal and it worked as advertised, just took off radiator hose and added the product as per instructions still no leak, i think it messed with my thermostat though.

What will cause a 2000 dodge stratus motor to smell like antifreeze when you have drove it a few miles?

An antifreeze leak.An antifreeze leak.

Why does all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 Honda accored?

why dose all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 honda accored

Why Water in spare tire compartment Daewoo Leganza?

If the Daewoo Leganza is equipped with a rear window washer system, the water in the spare tire compartment could be from a leak in the vacuum hose for this. There is also a possibility that a portion of the body near the spare tire compartment is rusted out and taking on water when it rains.

Why do you have antifreeze on the floor of your 2000 s70?

Your heater core may have a leak.

What is the problem if antifreeze is leaking from your 2000 Chrysler cirrus?

A part has failed. Find where the leak starts, and fix that part.

How do you fix Lincoln ls hidden antifreeze leak?

I had a 2000 Lincoln LS and the Antifreeze Reservoir had a rash of heat induced cracks on the side facing the Firewall. The antifreeze would ooze and evaporate without leaving a puddle but a whiff of the smell could be noticed on some occasions. My 2005 LS has some of the same cracks but has not started to leak or ooze antifreeze. Also on my 2005 LS there was an upper hose leak but only with 16 psi or more of pressure.

What causes antifreeze to all leak out?

A leak.

Added antifreeze to surge tank on 2000 Alero now antifreeze leaks from back of engine only sometimes?

When running the air conditioner, there might be a small leak of fluid on the 2000 Alero after it is parked. This is normal as it is only the overflow valve being released. Always check the antifreeze level before operating the vehicle in the summer to prevent low antifreeze warnings.

How do you fill automatic transmission oil 2000 Daewoo Lanos 1.6?

you don` is a sealed component that only requires service if there is a leak

How do you fix antifreeze leak in Pontiac Grand Prix 1999?

i have a 2000 pontiac grand prix that seem to burn alot of antifree

If there is an antifreeze leak would it stop leaking antifreeze and then leak water?

No. they're dissolved in each other and are quite hard to seperate.

What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking under a truck?

you got an antifreeze leak

Why the does the antifreeze reservoir keep losing antifreeze?

Sounds like a leak.

Antifreeze leak in 99 Jeep?

Antifreeze leak in a 1999 Jeep may be as a result of a defective water pump or a cracked engine block.Antifreeze leak in your 1999 Jeep could be as a result of a radiator fluid leak, a cracked engine block, a defective water pump, or any other reason.

Why would the air conditioner in a 2001 Daewoo Leganza stop working?

you are low in r 134a freon ,connect hose from can of 134a with sealant to stop minor leak ,2 cans would be fine compressor will start blowing cold air ,andit will seal minor leaks.

Were would antifreeze leak from a 1997 pathfinder intake manifold it looks like its not coming from the manifold gasket?

The manifold itself could be cracked. I have a 2000 Pathfinder LE with 100k miles and a 3.3. I noticed an antifreeze leak on the right side of the top of the engine. Using a mirror, I found that under the manifold, there was a nice crack.

How to fix an Antifreeze leak in 1987 Buick leSabre?

depends where the leak is, and how bad it is.

How do you fix antifreeze leak on a 92 Buick Roadmaster?

antifreeze leaking into the oil pan

Why does Antifreeze leak when i run heat in my 2003 intrepid?

You probably have a leak in the heater core.

Where is the most probable location of an antifreeze leak on a 1996 GM 1500 The leak is pure antifreeze leaking under the front of the engine?

Radiator or hoses. Possible water pump

Where is the most probable location of an antifreeze leak on a 1997 Honda Accord the leak is pure antifreeze from the front passenger side under the car next to the tire?

water pump

What is the procedure for refilling antifreeze after fixing a leak?

I assume you are referring to a fixed leak in the cooling system. In that case, add a solution of 50% antifreeze and 50% water to refill the system.

How can you find out if you have an antifreeze leak?

Pressure test the cooling system Monitor antifreeze level

Could antifreeze be leaking from the water pump gasket?

Yes, antifreeze can leak from a water pump gasket.