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You have to determine the source of the leak then decide on how to fix it.

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Q: How do you fix an antifreeze leak on passenger side of car?
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Where is the most probable location of an antifreeze leak on a 1997 Honda Accord the leak is pure antifreeze from the front passenger side under the car next to the tire?

water pump

What causes antifreeze to leak onto front passenger floor of a 2001 Saturn L series car?

Typically that leak is caused by a leak in the heating system. The heater core is under the dashboard, just above the passenger side.

Saturn car leak antifreeze into passenger area?

You will need to replace the heater core.

What do you do if you smell antifreeze in your car from heater?

This probably means that your heater core has sprung a leak ; you will probably find the passenger side damp form the leak itself - check with your mechanic .

Why would antifreeze leak in your car on the driver side?

cap is off

Why is antifreeze leaking inside the car of a 99 Saturn sl2?

Most likely a leak in the heater core, should be on the passenger side under the dash.

Why would antifreeze leak into car on driver's side?

You would have a leak, from either the pipes to the heater matrix (radiator), or the matrix itself.

I have antifreeze and steam coming out of the passenger side near the hoses after driving car for about an hour but doesn't leak if car is just sitting what could wrong its a 96 Honda accord?

heatercore leaking! also change thermastat.

What will happen if you drive car with a antifreeze leak?

The car will over heat.

What can be wrong when car is car leaking antifreeze?

there might be a leak some where in a coolant line. or maybe you have a leak in your radiator.

Where is the water leak in your 94 Saturn SC2 that gets your floor mats wet?

check your blower motor, located under the dash board. its on the passenger side. if the leak is on the drivers side, i have no clue. but my hubby's car is leaking water from the blower motor on the passenger side. found out at the car wash...

Can car be driven if it is leaking antifreeze?

It depends on how bad the leak is .If its a really bad leak to the point where the car is starting to overheat then no

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