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I have a similar problem, My drivers side front and back work fine, it's my right side front and back that move but don't quit lock or unlock.

Each door has a motor that operates the door lock mechanism when the door lock button or the remote lock button is pushed. If the door lock moves a little but not enough to lock or unlock the door, then either the motor is not working fully or it is partially jammed, or the door lock mechanism is binding and the motor can't move it fully. Remove the door lock trim panel and check all the components involved in the door lock process until you find the problem.

I had the same problem in my 1999 Sub. The factory uses rivits to hold the door lock actuators in place. Over many uses the rivits elongate and the actuator travel is not enough to over come the longer distance. Try replacing the rivits with short screws. Short so they do not interfear with other stuff that moves in the door.

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Q: How do you fix auto door locks on 99 suburban Front doors work back don't When you push unlock button the back door locks move but don't quite lock or unlock Help?
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Power door locks on 96 winstar locks the doors but doesn't unlock them?

I think you have to push the 'unlock' button twice in order to unlock the doors.

How do you program remote to unlock both doors on 2003 silverado?

You have to press the unlock button 2 or 3 times to get both doors to unlock no programming needed

How do you open the trunk on a Volvo s40?

unlock all of the doors, either on your key or from inside the car by pressing the unlock button manually. you have to press it twice to unlock all of the doors.

Can the key fob on 2004 Lexus rx330 or ES300 be programed to unlock all doors at once?

If you press the unlock button two times it should unlock all the doors.

What is the thing called that you push a button on and your car doors unlock?


Why is it you can unlock the the driver door with your key but it wont unlock all the rest of the doors unless you push the centre console button you have a 2006 ford territory how do you fix this?

Push the open button twice in quick succession, this should open the rest of the doors

How do you open the hatch door on a Subaru Outback?

If you have a newer model, with the remote unlock built in to the ignition key, press the button that looks like a trunk opening. This will open the tailgate but leave the other doors locked. Otherwise, press the Unlock button TWICE - this will unlock ALL doors, including the tailgate.

How do you open rear door of a 2004 srx cadillac without remote?

To unlock the rear door ???just push the unlock button on the drivers side door on the in side and it will unlock all doors and the rear door also. then Just pill on the outside rear door handle and it will open., push the button 2 times to unlock all doors.

Why does the key fob not unlock the rear lift gate on 2004 Durango?

I have an 04 Durango Limited...and my key fob does in fact unlock the rear lift gate. You either have to hit the unlock button 2 or 3 times to get it to unlock the rear lift gate...but it should do it.....mine does. I think pressing unlock once unlocks the 2 front doors....twice unlocks the rear doors...and a third time unlocks the lift gate.

Why don't may Remote unlock or lock passenger side front door and back doors?

I don't want to sound simplistic, but you need to press the unlock button TWICE in quick succession. Just pressing it once unlocks the driver's door, the second press unlocks the other doors. Hope that helps...

How do I Open both doors with keyfob for an infinity g35?

Hit the unlock button two times quickly. This will unlock the driver's door and then the passenger door. Sometimes I need to hit the button three times.

Why do on occasion does all windows and sunroof open and unlock the doors on a 328 you from 2001?

Maybe you held down the unlock button, this triggers all windows to open?

Can a 2007 Ford Expedition be programmed so all doors unlock at Park?

I have a 2008 Expedition Eddie B. Using the manual and the information center button and key you can program the doors to unlock when you open your door or park. Its in the manual.

Why does only the drivers door unlock with remote or push button?

For Security so as nobody can jump in uninvited while you are getting yourself comfortable. Try pushing the button 2 or 3 times to unlock all doors.

Why won't certain tail lights fit the suburban with barn doors?

When certain tail lights won't fit the Suburban with barn doors, it means they were not made for that vehicle or they are defective. The rear barn doors were discontinued on the Suburban in 2005.

How do you use key pad on 2002 sport trac?

press your 5 digit code to unlock the doors and if you want to lock the doors press the last two keys together. also after you press your 5 digit code if you the second button (3-4) it will unlock all the doors.

How do you open doors in left 4 dead?

Press the X button when you are in front of it (Xbox 360)

Where is gas tank release button on a Mercedes-Benz s430?

Unlock the car doors and then the gas door is unlocked

How do you unlock the doors in Zelda the twilight?

you really need to be more specific when you ask questions. there is no zelda the twilight, and if you mean twilight princess then there are many doors but to open them you press the "A" button

How do you unlock a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

Take your ignition switch key insert it into the door lock hole and turn towards the front of the car! Press key fob button marked with "unlock" or an open lock icon. Side marker lights should also blink once to indicate this operation was successful. To open all doors at once, press the unlock button twice in rapid succession.

How program Keyless remote 2002 avalanche?

While holding the door unlock button on your driver's door, turn the key to ON then OFF, then ON, then OFF. Release the unlock button and the doors should lock/unlock to confirm the PDM is in programming mode. Then hold the door unlock and door unlock buttons on your remote at the same time. After about 15 seconds the doors should lock and unlock to acknowledge that it's picked up the remote. Program all remaining remotes at this time. The system will take up to four remotes.

How do you reset the keyless entry on a 1998 ford mustang?

Turn the ignition switch off and on off and on until the doors lock.Press the lock button on your entry switch then press the unlock button.If the doors unlock, it is programed.If not do the process over It will finally work

How do you unlock the doors on a 1971 dodge charger?

there is a pull up and push down button on top of the door panel that you manually work.

What speakers fit in a 1998 Chevrolet suburban?

6.5in in all four doors and 10x6 in the rear, 1 inch tweeters in front door

1999 ford explorer power door lock switches in left and right front doors won't lock doors will unlock doors the tailgate switch will lock and unlock all doors?