How do you fix bike gears?

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Alignment and tension are the most important things to adjust. Check you derailleurs and spring tension devise. Clean the gears and lubricate them, look for rusted areas of your chain. Assure that your cable connections and hand adjusters are also adjusted correctly and free of encumbrance.

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How do you adjust gears shifter on a bike?

Depends on what's wrong with them and what kind they are., and all have info on how to fix your bike.

How many gears does a motorcycle have?

It depends on the bike if the engine of bike is heavy it has more gears. Usually 5 gears are max gears.

Why are there 2 gears on a bike?

There are seldom only 2 gears on a bike. Many have 12, 18 or 21 .

How many gears does a 70cc daymak dirt bike have?

2 gears

How many gears can a bike have?

an average bicycle has up to 24 gears but a bicycle has up to 30 gears

How many gears are on a motor bike?

depends on the model. from 2-7 gears

How many gears does a Moto GP bike have?

MotoGP bikes have 6 gears.

How do you fix the bike in My Sims agent?

how do you fix the bike in my sims agents

Are there gears in a motorcycle?

Depending on the bike yes most adult sized bikes have gears

What happens when you dont keep the chain or gears on your bike greased and why does that happen?

if you don't keep your chain and gears on your bike greased it will rust and come off.

How many gears do bikes have?

A good bike today is most likely to have 11 gears(MTB) or 22 gears(road).

Which bike is best for average style maintenance for a college student?

a track bike, or a bike with internal hub gears.

How do you change gears on the bike in Pokemon diamond?

To change gears on the bike, all you have to do (while riding it) is press the B button. You don't have to hold it in, either. ~Lucario

How many levels does a Mountain bike have?

Depending on the mountain bike that you have will depict the amount of gears. Most bikes for adults typically have about 21 gears. If this does no answer your question then what are levels?

How do you change gears on your bike in Pokemon HeartGold?

Unfortunately, you can't change gears on bikes in HeartGold.

How do you switch gears on a bike Pokemon?

press b

What is the gears for a motor cross bike?

big and small

How many gears does a dirt bike have?

4 to 6

What are the release dates for Changing Gears Flagstaff and the Mountain Bike - 2011?

Changing Gears Flagstaff and the Mountain Bike - 2011 was released on: USA: September 2011

How many gears does a standard bike have?

That'd depend on what you think of as a standard bike. I'd say that the majority of bikes sold today have several gears, but in my interpretation of a "standard" bike it'd be one with only one gear. Those having gears are most often 10 speeds.

How do you fix a jumping bike chain?

Depends on why it's jumping. It might jump because chain and sprockets are too worn, it might jump because chain tension is too low, or if its a bike with external gears it might jump because the gears aren't adjusted properly. Have a look at, or and read more.

Do you want your bike speed to be less to get faster time?

I think you mean bike gears, because a faster speed means a better time (the shorter it will take you to get to wherever you are going).That's just common sense.With bike gears though:Higher gears are tougher to petal but allow you to put more push into each stroke.Lower gears are easier to petal but you will petal a lot more often per rotation of the bike wheels.Example: If on high gears it takes you 5 pushes to get to your destination, it will take you 15 pushes with low gears.

How do you fix a bike?

Take it to Halfords they fix every bike they can because there's nothing else i can think of

How do you work the gears on a bike with 24 inch wheels?

Depends more on what type of gears that you have than it does on the size of the wheels. If the gear levers are the same type as on a bigger bike the 24 inch bike will shift just the same way.

How do you get an acro bike on Pokemon Platinum?

there is no acro bike on Pokemon platinum, you press B to change gears