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Check the valve located above the brake pedal. It needs to be readjusted.

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Q: How do you fix cruise control on 1996 Tahoe that disengages by itself while driving and seems to occur on bumpy roads?
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How do you fix the cruise control on a 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity?

There are multiple things that can go wrong with the cruise control, you need to be more specific as to the problem your car is having. While traveling at highway speeds, the cruise control suddenly deactivated itself and would not come back on.

What do the noises coming from Honda CRV 1999 cruise control indicate?

You will have to be more specific about the noise you are referring to, and/or where it is coming from. The cruise control itself is an all-electronic unit, it has no moving parts is not capable of making noise.

Should cruise control be turn off?

Generally cruise will turn itself off when the car is turned off, but it is always good to be sure, I always turn it off when I am not using it.

93 Aerostar cruise control will not release when pressing the Off button but will when you step on the brake pedal to stop then after accelerating manually to any speed it climbs up by itself why?

Could be a problem in the cruise control driver select switch. You will need a wiring diagram and a cruise control system overview to be able to diagnose and test this sytem. The cruise control computer may have capabilities of storing fault codes as well to aid in the diagnostic proceedure.

How do you troubleshoot cruise control issues on 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

Cruise control is controlled by the PCM on all Cobalts regardless of automatic or manual, which communicates with the BCM which controls automatic transmissions. if there is a problem, it is either the button, the wiring, or the PCM itself, or the BCM controlling the transmission

What if the speedometer and the cruise control in your 92 Jeep Cherokee don't work you have replaced the speed sensor and speedometer itself and it still doesn't work Where else should you look?

I had to place a small piece of foam between the brake pedal shaft and the cruise control switch. The brake pedal shaft did not "push in" the cruise control switch far enough to let it work. I have had no more problems.

What cruise line is fun ship?

The cruise line that identifies itself as "The Fun Ships" is Carnival Cruise Lines.

Nissan Xterra has a button on lower left of steering wheel to Power OnOff for cruise control but cruise control will not engage nor will the light on the dash come on. Is there a fuse or simple fix?

I found a great mechanic in the area and within 2 hrs and 70.00 dollars later he found there is a screw in switch up and behind the brake pedal with a "plunger type of mechanism" which over time the cruise control cut-off switch managed to "unscrew itself" which caused the cruise control not to engage. He has my business.

How do you disconnect cruise control on a 2000 grand prix Cruise is stuck on?

You can unplug it at the servo itself. The servo is the part that has a cable coming from it attached to the throttle body. You'll see see a wire harness plugged into it.

What is a likely cause of a cruise control not working Ford Escape?

The cable itself could have a "kink" in it, causing it not to work properly. I suggest having it serviced.

Why does cruise control on 2007 ford focus kick off by itself?

Possibly a faulty brake switch (or faulty clutch switch, if you have a manual transmission).

How do you repair the cruise control on a 93 Nissan Sentra XE?

If the cruise control system fails to power on, i.e. the light on the cruise control switch does not light, check the fuse. If the fuse is not blown, there may be a problem with the wiring or the cruise control module itself. If the system powers on but it fails to keep the vehicle at speed when engaged, the vacuum hose between the cruise control module and the actuator may be faulty. The cruise control module can be found at the rear of the engine compartment near the driver's side door. A black vacuum hose runs from the module to the actuator, which is a round black plastic object which is connected with a cable to the throttle. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the actuator and inspect the end. If it is cracked, you may be able to cut 1/4" from the end of the hose and reconnect it.

Where is the Location of fuse for cruise control?

it very much depends on the car, your manual should have a fuze diagram in it if not theres somtimes one on the lid of the box itself

How do you change the cruise control blinker arm on a 1985 GMC Vandura?

on the 89 the arm has one wire for the cruise, this connects under the dash and must be disconnected and fished out of the steering column, as for the arm itself, it should just pull out of the column

Is a cruise ship bigger than the titanic?

It depends on the ship. The Titanic was a cruise ship itself, so other cruise ships could be bigger or smaller.

What is wrong when dashboard lights flash when you use electric windows and the cruise control tuns itself off when in use?

probably your altenator or batterys power is focused on one point of output

Subaru cruise control vacuum?

If you're having problems with your cruise control, I would suggest that you check into your Subaru's transmission and engine error codes to see what it's returning if anything. Many times the problem with the cruise can be diagnosed by the vehicle itself. The car will not allow the cruise control to function if it knows about a specific problem, which will be given in the error codes. I don't know what year subaru you have, but look into getting both the engine (check engine light) error codes and the transmission (power light) error codes on your Legacy to see what they're returning. My speed sensor was out on my Subaru. Once I found the problem in the error codes, I swapped it out and my cruise worked just great.

When driving wipers come on by itself why?

There are a number of reasons why your wipers may come on by itself when driving. You may have a short in the wiring.

How do you adjust cruise control 2002 Camaro?

On the turn signal lever, slide the cruise control switch to on with thumb(there are 3 possitions here, off, on, reset slide in that order). Drive up to the desired speed and press the signal lever on the center with your index finger, this will set the speed. When safe, release pedal and feel for reaction from the car itself. The Camaro will slow down slightly but will almost immediately regain speed if the cruise control engaged properly. Pressing the brake dis engages the cruise control. Sliding the switch to reset will reset the set speed and in the camaro this may come as a shock if the vehicle has much speed to make up like from 40 mph to 80. Be careuful.

If clutch on air compressor is disengaged and noise continues is the compressor bad?

If the clutch disengages properly then the compressor should not be running. Most likely the clutch itself is bad instead of the compressor.

Is Expedia a good source to use for a cruise ?

Expedia is a wonderful site to use because it will help you plan the whole package. Not only can you get cruise tickets, but you can plan the rest of your trip there as well including how to get to and from the cruise itself

Why does your dodge neon accelerates on its own?

Could be a bad cruise control modular. If it idles really high by itself make sure the throttle cable is routed properly if it isnt perfect it will keep the throttle open

Where can I find good deals on a cruise?

You can find good deals on a cruise through the cruise site itself. You can also try online travel sites, however they may be a little more expensive due to additional fees.

What causes my cruise control to constantly adjust itself up and down and then after a few minutes it will just shut off. It will re-engage but then repeat the process.?

Cruise control problems are very serious issues, If you are at all unsure weather or you are confident to handle this or have your family at risk, I would take it to a shop for professionial help. is afew things to try on your own,, cruise control basicialy works on vacuum ,check the vacuum release switch above the brake pedal, or check the vehicle speed sensor, or may have a bad vacuum line,, and always check the fuse.

Why your car accelerate itself when you put it in gear?

The criuise control is on or the cruise control needs to be worked on. Applying the brake or if your car is a standard shift, pushing in the clutch should turn it on. Needless to say, get this fixed. It could be very dangerous. Check the fuse box for a fuse called Speed control. Pull the fuse until it can be fixed.