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How do you fix dado panelling allowing for movement?


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July 29, 2008 8:22PM

I do my owm d.i.y at home, and have put up dado in the following way. Once you've found your height level using your spirit level to draw a line from left to right etc ect on the wall, get an accurate straight line and have cut your dado to size. then i have usually applied a clear silicon with silicon gun, which can stretch with movement and most d.i.y stores do silicon that can now be painted over as well. Apply the silicon to the back of the dado using a zig-zag motion all along the back of the dado, then place onto wall ensuring you keep to your line you have drawn on the wall. Have a hammer and a couple of tack nails which are as thin and as long as a normal picture nails, and tack lighty one nail in the middle of the dado at the top and also one on the left and one of the right of the dado also at the top this is just to keep the dado in place whilst the silicon is drying, so ensure you only slighty bang in these small nails no more than 2mm into the wall so you can easily get them out. Repeat the process around your room, remove any excess silicon by rubbing a wet finger along the dado picking up all the excess. Give the silicon time to dry as it says on the bottle, or as i usually do wait 24 hours to be safe. Once dry i usually fill in any gaps that are showing with the silicon and then run a wet finger along the edge to rid any excess.When you remove the nails, fill in holes with polly filla and sand or decorators cork which can also be painted over. Hope that helps. Have fun