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How do you fix damaged hair when it naturally looks damaged?


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Hair fixDepends on how or why it looks damaged. Trimming your hair bimonthly keeps the ends looking fresh and healthy.(no more than a half inch) Shampooing your hair more than 2x a day is damaging. Overexposure to sun, and heat is also damaging. If you blowdry, and flatten your hair daily for long periods of time--your hair is going to look dead. B/c it probably is! When purchasing shampoos and conditioners, don't be drawn to brand name, fragrance or even product appereance. Read the label and focus on health, not curls or frizz or bounce. That's all big talk from company competition. Pool chemicals are also hard on your hair but are in no comparison with hair bleach. Think more about applying coloring chemicals to your hair. Perms are also included. Braids thin the hair but so do constantly wearing a headcover day in and day out. Some say not to brush or comb your hair when its wet. Towel dry your hair and don't drown it with hairsprays, gels and other mucks. But if you must, again pay attention to the ingredients and how your hair reacts. What i do is shampoo first, then use conditioner because shampoo has a tendency of drying my hair to a crisp. And being a woman of color, I also take many other precautions in my hair.
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Its quite impossible to fix damaged hair from a perm. Hoenstly, youre best bet is to get a conditioner for damaged hair. the healthiest part of your hair is your root so unless you get your hair cut off than your damaged hair wont go away. but you can treat it with professional products. (:

Try finding a good heat protectant and find shampoo and conditoner that will heal damaged hair.

To fix your hair,cut the ends of your hairuse restoring shampoo and mix with anti frizz shampooSTOP using the chemicals

For damaged hair an easy way to fix it is to put a thick conditioner on it when dry and then rap cling film or rap a bag over your head and leave it in for an hour or to or you can sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning. this helped me alot! :)

No this cram is made to use on your hair.

It can. I have read stories about women who used pantene and it damaged their hair a lot and some even fell out. Pantene does not repair your damaged or dry hair. It does not fix it or help it in any way. Pantene simply puts a waxy covering on your hair to make it appear healthier. I would not recommend this shampoo.

2 ways.... 1) rub Lizard Urine in your hair 2) shave it off and start over ________________ Damaged hair can be fixed by getting frequent trims and deep conditioning treatments.

Damaged hair can result because of overprocessing, frequent hair color changes and excessive heat. Hard water and the sun also are harsh on the hair. Repairing damaged locks requires proper hair care that will allow the hair follicles--root to tip--the ability to look healthy and beautiful once more.Choosing the Right Shampoo and ConditionerUsing the same shampoo and conditioner helps keep the hair in good condition. Changing your regular shampoo or conditioner causes a shock to the hair because of the different ingredients. Sometimes the hair will become brittle as a result of this change. Note which shampoo works best for your hair and continue to use this shampoo. Also, choosing a conditioner with sun block is helpful. It will improve the look of the hair as well as the feel. Sunblock also protects the hair from sun damage.Using The Proper Styling ProductsIndividuals with damaged hair should use hair care products that are designed for their type of hair. This is because these products are designed to fix specific hair care problems. Pomade, alcohol-free hairspray and serums are used to moisturize the hair and repair it from root to tip.Get Frequent HaircutsA new haircut always gets a nice reaction from friends and family. This is because the hair looks polished and fresh. The longer someone waits to get their haircut, the more damaged the hair becomes. Regular hair trims or cuts makes the hair look healthy all the time and removes split ends.Refrain From Using Hot ToolsWhen the hair is damaged, applying any type of heat to it is a mistake. Whether a blowdryer, curling iron, hair straightener or hot rollers, heat takes any natural oils out of the hair making it look limp. For damaged hair, this results in a even more damaged look. Someone with damaged hair should be hydrating the hair, not any of the remaining moisture away with heat.

It is already too damaged to do anything. Trust me I am a hairdresser and I know that there is nothing really that you can do to fix it, sorry but it's the truth.

Be proud of it. There's nothing to fix! U can straighten it and it looks beautiful,or curl it and it will look fantastic. Crimping doesn't look that good on long hair though, and its really hard to do.

A damaged crankshaft will need replaced.A damaged crankshaft will need replaced.

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While cutting your hair would fix the problem, there are other methods you could seek out as an alternative. You could try a glaze or semi-permanent hair color, a shampoo and conditioning system to target your damaged hair, or a treatment such as a hair mask. Whatever you choose, be sure in the future to try to prevent the damage from occuring at all!

you fix it with a scissor.

Split ends are often the result of chemical treatments or hot hair products such as hair dryers or curlers. The best way to fix this is to use shampoos that improve the quality of your hair and makes it harder for you to get split ends.

Usually, if the charger is damaged, there is no way to fix it. You will have to get a new one.

Deep condition with a deep conditioning treatment from a professional salon. Let the damaged hair grow out without doing anymore chemical services. Get regular trims to keep split ends from working their way up the hairshaft.

Yes a damaged pool can be fixed from people who know how to fix concrete

unfortunately, the only way to fix the frizzy hair is to get it done again at the hairdressers!

He covered the bald spot with a weave, he also had an "balloon" placed under the skin to stretch it so the damaged skin could eventually be repaired.

Plastic is sun damaged. Replace them.

Usually the easiest way is to download them again.

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Hair can become damaged by using too much heat on it (i.e. blow dryer, straightener, curling iron etc.), bleach, perms and dyes. These can cause breakage to your hair and split ends. I have the very same problem due to bleaching. There are some things you can do to make it look better until your hair grows out. You can moisturize by using egg yolks, mayo, and olive oil. Or just go to the store and pick up some hair care products for damaged hair. I suggest doing a deep conditioner once a week or a leave in conditioner. Either or. These things will only make your hair look better, it won't fix the problem. Bottom line, you need to cut the damaged hair off and let the new, healthy hair grow in. I know most people (me included) are not thrilled about this, so until it grows out just deep condition your hair and stop using heat appliances. AIR DRY YOUR HAIR!! It is a must.

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