How do you fix damaged hair when it naturally looks damaged?

Hair fix

Depends on how or why it looks damaged. Trimming your hair bimonthly keeps the ends looking fresh and healthy.(no more than a half inch) Shampooing your hair more than 2x a day is damaging. Overexposure to sun, and heat is also damaging. If you blowdry, and flatten your hair daily for long periods of time--your hair is going to look dead. B/c it probably is! When purchasing shampoos and conditioners, don't be drawn to brand name, fragrance or even product appereance. Read the label and focus on health, not curls or frizz or bounce. That's all big talk from company competition. Pool chemicals are also hard on your hair but are in no comparison with hair bleach. Think more about applying coloring chemicals to your hair. Perms are also included. Braids thin the hair but so do constantly wearing a headcover day in and day out. Some say not to brush or comb your hair when its wet. Towel dry your hair and don't drown it with hairsprays, gels and other mucks. But if you must, again pay attention to the ingredients and how your hair reacts. What i do is shampoo first, then use conditioner because shampoo has a tendency of drying my hair to a crisp. And being a woman of color, I also take many other precautions in my hair.