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How do you fix engine code p1443 on a 1996 Cougar if you already replaced evap control valve pcv and gas cap if the light goes on and off every couple of days?


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2006-05-05 21:28:14
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Remove the positive battery cable from the battery. When you put it back on it should reset the computer and see if the light goes out the next time you start the car. On 1996 model cars/trucks, you cannot just remove the battery. It will return fast. They use no-volitile memory now and have to be cleard in two ways. Use an OBD-II code reader to clear. If problem returns, then there is still something wrong in the Emission area. The code reader when it gave the code you have presented, should have given brief description, If memory serves me correct for Ford/Mercury, this is related to one of two things. Purge Canister failure, or Purge Valave / Relay assy. The other way to clear the computer after replacing what is believed to be the problem is the engine has to be cycled, (started) 10 to 15 times from cold to full warm condition. i.e. you will have to start car, let it warm up, then let it cool down, and recycle this many times. It is best to take it two a shop and see if they will clear the codes for you, or locate a parts store and see if they carry the OBD-II reader/diag unit. I paid $129.00 for mine. Has save $100's in shotgunning parts.

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