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The shift linkage may become sloppy due to the retaining bolts for the shift bracket loosening.
To fix this, look under the dash to the left of the brake pedal. The shift cable comes up from the floor on the left side- follow it to the top, where it connects to the shift bracket that bolts the column shifter. There are two torx bolts (t-27 size) that may be loose that retain the bracket to the column shifter. Tighten these bolts, check to see if the linkage has improved. You may need to readjust the shift indicator after this fix.

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Q: How do you fix gear linkage for a 1992 aerostar?
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How do you fix gear linkage in 1999 navigator TRUCK?

You can fix a broken linkage in a 1999 Navigator truck by simply adjusting its Gear Shift.

How do you fix the shifter linkage on a 1993 Ford Aerostar?

Take it somewhere and get somebody that knows shat they're doing to fix it.

HOW TO FIX Broken linkage in 1999 navigator truck?

You can fix a broken linkage in a 1999 Navigator truck by adjusting its Gear Shift.

How do you fix a sloppy gear shift on a 1998 ford explorer?

Replace shift linkage Replace shift linkage

Where do you put in the transmission fluid on a 1989 Areostar?


How do you fix the gas gauge on a 1991 Ford Aerostar?

how do you fix a gas guage on a 1989 ford aerostar

How do you fix the wiper linkage on windshield wipers?

You have to remove the linkage from the wiper motor.

How do you fix a parked car stuck in reverse?

Manual or Automatic?? In either case, most likely the linkage. Manual, might be the syncronizer gear or low on lubricant.

How do you diagnose or fix an automatic 1992 Pontiac Grand Am Se that occasionally slips out of gear completely but only goes back into gear once restarted?


1989 560 sec will not shift into gear?

Check the linkage from the gear selector (shifter) to the transmission. It may have come loose. If it's intact, check your transmission fluid level. If this doesn't fix the problem, then you'll have to have it towed to the shop.

How do you fix the shift gear stucked problem?

Locate all the linkage points under the car and observe how they are binding and where they are binding. Lubricate the rubber bushings with Silicon spray ONLY.

How do you fix a shift linkage on a dodge neon manual trany?

No, do you?

How do you fix linkage on a 98 Plymouth neon manual transmission?

Take you car to a garage and have a qualified mechanic fix it.

Odometer and speedometer both dont work on 1992 jeep what would cause that and how to fix?

Check: Cable to trany, gear in trany, speedo head in cluster

How do you fix the errors on Flight Gear?


How do you fix gear ratio on mercury villager 1997?

There is no way to change gear ratios.

How do you fix a stiff gear shift especially when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear on a 1992 Saturn SL2?

Most difficult shifting manual transmissions are caused by a clutch that either doesn't fully disengage, is warped or a pilot bushing is damaged.

How do you fix a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse that is stuck in 3rd gear limp mode?

My 1992 Eclipse is doing the exact same thing, someone told me it might be the transmission computer or just the wiring. Whatever it is, this is really starting to irritate me.

Why did 93 ford explorer reverse stopped working even when gear shift says reverse truck only goes forward?

The shift linkage has probably come loose. To fix with vehucle not running...put gear shift in park, block the tires so truck does not roll, and you must get under the vehicle and manually change the shift lever to park position on the transmission. Once you do this you must tighten the bold on the linkage rod so that it no longer slips.

Why won't 98 escort spi come out of first gear?

your gear box has broken This means that your synchro's are shot. The plates that connect together while in gear. I had this happen on my 1992 Escort Hatchback, 1.9L 5spd Manual. Was expensive to fix, so i just sold it, and bought a 1996 Wagon.. 1.9L.

How do you fix the 4 wheel drive in a 1991 Chevy silverado it is not engaging?

check the shift linkage from the dogleg to the transfer case.the bolt on the linkage may have come out causeing it not to lock it

How do you fix windshield wiper in Ford Wind star when one wiper moves the other does not?

This might be a very simple fix - check the wiper arm linkage for having come disconnected. See "Related Questions" below for detailed instructions on accessing the linkage.

Anyone experienced Matiz windscreen wiper linkage problems?

Yep, had the ball joint go on the wiper linkage closest to the motor, only way to fix it seemed to be replacing the linkage but they are pretty hard to find in breakers yards. Ebay had them though.

How can I fix the stiff steering on my 1988 Aerostar?

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How do you fix first gear on a 92 yz 125?

What's wrong with it, The simple solution is to fix it :)