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BUY A FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Buy a Haynes Repair manual for the car. That $14.00 Book will save you hundreds to thousands. I'm not giving you a fish; I'm teaching you how to fish. As a fellow Jag (V12) owner, this is the best way I can answer your question to help you now, and in the long term.

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โˆ™ 2006-01-23 21:36:21
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Q: How do you fix on 1982 Jaguar XJ6 gas leak from the transmission area?
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2002 jaguar x-type 3.0 automatic transmission is slipping does it need fluid or do I have bigger problems?

the jaguar gearbox is sealed for you have bigger problems,unless you have had a leak

Speedometer cable leak at transmission?

AÊ speedometer cable leak at the transmission usually signifies that you have a worn seal. There are two seals in this area, one or both might need to be replaced.

Where does transmission fluid leak from?

Transmission fluid can leak from many places. It could leak from the actual transmission itself, or any of the tubing that goes from the transmission to other parts of the car.

Coolant leak from transmission Honda?

Coolant should not be leaking from your transmission the only fluid in your transmission is transmission fluid. A faulty transmission seal can allow transmission fluid to leak out.

How much for a transmission leak on a 2007 Pontiac g6?

transmission leak on a Pontiac g6. what could this be

How do you fix a transmission leak?

depends where around the tranny the leak is

What causes a 2004 cadillac deville to leak transmission fluid while in reverse?

transmission leak in reverse only

Where would you locate a transmission fluid leak on a 2001 Chevrolet Metro?

You can locate the transmission fluid leak on your 2001 Chevy Metro by looking at the transmission fluid on the ground. Look above the transmission fluid stain and you should be able to see the source of the leak.

Transmission has bad oil leak on a 1994 Mercury Sable?

Clean the 1994 Sable transmission at a car wash. This will make it easier to find the leak. Keeping the fluid full, check the transmission frequently to see where the leak is.

How do you tell if its a transmission leak?

Check fluid level in transmission

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee leaking transmission fluid. Pin hole leak in transmission case. How do I repair this?

If the leak is not under pressure, I would try repairing it with a tube of JB Weld. If not under pressure, this should do the trick. You will have to clean the area very thoroughly with alcohol. If that is not possible then you will need to drain the transmission so it will not leak during the repair. If the leak is under pressure you may need to have it welded by an expert at welding aluminum.

How do you fixed the leak from the dodge magnum transmission?

It will all depend on where the leak is.

Internal leak in transmission?

When a transmission has an internal leak, the fluid pressure can drop and not flow to the proper valves. This can cause improper shifting, as well as cause transmission damage.

How does transmission fluid leak into oil pan front wheel drive car?

You probably have a leak in the hose/line that takes your transmission fluid to the cooler (in the radiator). Look for the small tubes/hoses that run from the engine to the side of the radiator; the leak is probably in the area where the metal tube meets the rubber hose. Good luck!

What is the yellowish fluid leaking from the rear of a 2004 Corvette?

Hello In the 2004 Corvettes the Transmission has been moved from the back of the engine to the rear so now the transmission and pumpkin are bolted together. You could have a transmission leak or a brake fluid leak. If the leak is in the center then I would go with a trany leak if leak is near either tire go with a brake fluid leak. Hope this helps

What kind of sealant should be used to seal a 1989 Nissan Sentra transmission leak?

It depends on the size of the leak and where it is. If it is a small leak around the rear seal of the transmission you might try transmission stop leak of some kind. You can purchase these at Wal-Mart or any auto parts store.

What causes a transmission too leak?

Faulty transmission Pan gasket

What is it in front of the radiator that causes transmission fluid to leak?

transmission cooler

What might cause a 1995 Ford Taurus to leak transmission fluid?

There is no one answer. The entire transmission, all trans cooler lines, and the trans cooler all have fluid in them. Anything that contains fluid has the potential to leak anywhere. On a transmission there are a number of moving parts, such as input shafts and output shafts, each with a seal. That is a likely source for a leak, esp given the age of this transmission. Another likely source for a leak is the rubber cooler lines and/or the clamps. But really, the entire transmission body can leak at any seal or gasket. There are literally dozens of opportunities for a transmission to leak. The only way to find it is raise the vehicle and search out the leak.

Chrysler 300 and it has a transmission leak and your car has trouble starting at times is that because of the leak?

NO. Your transmission leak has nothing to do with hard starting. Have you replaced the spark plugs & plug wires?

Your 1991 jaguar is running too lean?

probably vacuum leak.

What would cause transmission to leak?

Well a leak in the tubing, maybe it has corroded away?

Transmission fluid leak car in storage?

Sometimes when a vehicle is stored for aperiod of time transmission seals shrink and start to leak from lack of use

How can I fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 ford f250?

To fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 Ford F250, simply take it to a mechanic.

When a speed sensor on a 2003 dodge grand caravan blows does it leak transmission fluild?

It is possible, but not likely for a transmission fluid leak from the speed sensors.