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Does the remote work? When I got my 1992 the remote worked, but only when the key was in the accessory position. The switch worked under the same circumstances.

Mine ended up being a blown fuse in the SECONDARY PANEL which was accessed by removing the cover below the glove box.

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Q: How do you fix power door locks that do not open from inside on 1995 Caddy Deville 4.9L?
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If a 1983 Cadillac deville power locks don't work is it a fuse problem?

it could be ...check fuse 15 it controls ur power locks

Why wont my power locks work on my 89 deville but windows do?

it is a switch problem most likely if door and window use same fuse then try the switch itself for the locks

What are some features of the 2001 Cadillac DeVille?

The average mpg on a Deville is around 18 mpg.It is a very spacious car with front wheel drive and features power locks and windows along with cruise control.

What is the power of a VW Caddy motor?

The power of a Volkwagen Caddy motor varied depending on which model of the VW Caddy you are testing. The horsepower for the vehicle ranges between 60 and 90 for the different models.

How do you replace a 1998 Cadillac deville power antenna?

how do you replace power antenna on 1988 deville

Why doesn't the Fuel door trunk and power locks don't open from clicker or inside on 1998 cadillac deville?

probably the fuse or relay on the fuse block is bad , find and replace the fuse or relay and trunk and fuel door should there may be two separate fuses ,

What might be the problem when you lose all power to the steering wheel and brakes on your 1992 caddy deville when driving. Then for someone reason it starts working again after i restart it?

Sounds like vehicle is stalling and you are losing all power assist and vacuum supply to braking system

How do you unlock power locks in Toyota when battery fails and you are locked inside?

Umm, there are still manual locks. Take your finger and push the lock over and unlock the door. Good Luck!!!!

What will happen if water gets into drivers side door panel?

It will cause rusting from the inside, possible damage to power window motor, power door locks, power mirrors if equipped.

What do you need to convert to power locks on a 96 Saturn sl1?

PCM, Relays, Power locks, wiring

What a good head unite for the caddy?

kenwood, power accoustic.-Shocker

1992 caddy deville after professional stereo install mirrors and power door locks do not work the door locks work when the car is shifted in and out of gear but not manually?

Why arent you going Back to whoever did the professional installation and have them fix it. It sounds related to something they did. Only they know where they were in your car and what wires they may have touched/altered If they took the door panels off to do speakers, that is where I would start to troubleshoot. Make sure the connections to the switches are properly installed and that none of the electrical connectors in the switch connections are damaged/bent. Before you do all that be sure to check all the fuses.

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