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Q: How do you fix power seat in 2002 Monte Carlo?
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How do you remove the front seats in a 2002 Monte Carlo?

There are bolts that you must remove in order to take out the front seats of a 2002 Monte Carlo. There are two in the back of the seat and two in the front of the seat. If you have heated seats you will also have to remove the wires for that before you take the seat out.

How do you replace fuel level sensor 2002 Monte Carlo?

actually there is a panel in the trunk 02 monte under the rug near the back seat

Will the drivers seat from 1998 Monte Carlo fit a 1996?

Anything 1995-1999 monte carlo "SHOULD" fit cloth or leather, power or no power, Not sure what I like better yet but all I know is the leather seats gm made for this car are horrible quality and very uncomfortable.

How do you fix the reclining lever on a 1999 Monte Carlo drivers seat?

Sorry I can't help, but I have the same question on a 2001 Monte ........ my seat reclines past the first stop. Thanks

How do you move the power seats to get to the bolts when motors won't work in a 1996 Monte Carlo. i need to replace the whole seat. the mounting bracket broke.?

you jank it you jank it

What do you do to fold down the seat in a 2001 Monte Carlo Ls?

there are pull straps on both sides of the seat that you pull and that section will pull down.

Why doesn't my driver side Heated seat work in a 2003 Monte Carlo ss?

look for a blown fuse or a wire unplugged under the seat.

How do you remove the back seat out of a 1986 Monte Carlo?

grab bottom edge of seat bottom push toward rear of car and lift up seat should come out.

How do you fold down the back seat in a 2001 Monte Carlo Ls?

There is a little loop on the side of the seats that you can pull down.

Will Monte Carlo seats fit in a caprice?

78-87 Monte Carlo is a G-Body GM car that is smaller than a 77-90 Caprice which is a B-Body GM car. The seats in a Monte Carlo will fit in a Caprice, but they may not look quite right. You will need to do bolt location modifications. I would not recommend trying to use a bench seat from a Monte in a Caprice. It is not wide enough.

How do you change the fuel filter in a 2006 Monte Carlo?

On frame rail under car usually near drivers seat area.

Where are the ground wires located in a 2000 Monte Carlo SS?

I have a 01 Monte Carlo SS and my ground is under the backseat it was profesionally installed but it was pretty easy to do everything in the back just snaps off and snaps back in to place, but when you take the back seat out there is alot of metal and its easy to screw it to the frame of the car.

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