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Run-time error '429':

ActiveX component can't create component

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000. For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:


The first tip to remove runtime error 429 is to re-register the registry entries of Office applications. Before that please make sure you are able to launch Office applications yourself. For instance, to re-register Microsoft Office Excel, Click "Start"--"Run" and then type in C:Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/Excel.exe /regserver and press OK. You should re-register all of the Office applications one by one until the runtime error 429 disappears.

The second tips to fix runtime error 429 is to run security scan on your computer. Some virus would damage the system and application files so that run-time errors would be displayed frequently. You had better install an anti-virus program to prevent run time errors occur on your computer.

Also you can try to go to the Microsoft Windows Script update page to fix runtime error 429. From there, you need to download Microsoft updated installation file then follow the installation wizard and update Office applications. Such problem can be fixed with this method.

Many PC users choose to uninstall and reinstall all of the Office applications when they encounter run-time error 429. However, sometimes it does not work properly if the error 429 issue is caused by corrupted Windows registry. And it also is a time consuming way for most of people.

In my opinion, the most important and effective way to fix and avoid run-time errors is to run free registry scan for your system regularly. Of course, security programs can help you remove virus but they are not able to repair the corrupted registry entries. In such situation, registry cleaning software will assist you detect and repair registry errors, corrupted registry entries and missing registry in order to fix not only runtime error 429 but also other run-time errors. If you continue to run this damaged system and don't clean Windows registry in time, this potential risk will bring you more troubles, even system crash.

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Q: How do you fix runtime error 429?
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How do you fix runtime error 429 -?

Runtime Error 429 is a kind of toughest computer problems and is closely related with invalid Windows registry, serious malware attacks and software confliction. If your computer is encountering Runtime Error 429, I sincerely suggest you to enable a reliable and highly easy-to-manage Runtime Error 429 fixer on your computer to help you completely get rid of the annoying PC problems.

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You don't.

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There exists a variety of reasons on why a runtime error might occur. The easiest solution to fix the majority of runtime errors you experience is to download software that cleans and fixes your registry.

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What error is caught when the program executes?

runtime error

What error is caught when a program executes?

Runtime Error.

What is the runtime error in c plus plus program?

A runtime error is any error that appears once the (successfully compile) program is run.

How do you fix runtime error 131?

the run-time error 131 would be caused by reasons as below: * Corrupted Office applications * Missing component in the applications * Damaged component in the applications * Incorrect system configuration * Corrupted Windows registry the easily way to fix runtime error 131 is to use a registry cleaner to clean up the windows registry.

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Runtime Error 430 is a common computer error that occurs when you are running a program. It is closely tied with Invalid Windows Registry, Malware attacks, Confliction with Terminate and Stay Resident Program or other current running program, software confliction and memory issue. Runtime Error 430 cannot be solved manually even if you are a computer professional. If you are encountering runtime error 430, you should install the correct version of MDAC on the user's computer and change the installation program to redistribute the correct version.

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Also known as a runtime error.

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