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How do you fix the 12V power source in a 97 VR6 jetta?

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VR6 12v-175hp around 170lbs of torque VR6 24v-200hp around 180lbs of torque

You can buy a Jetta VR6 for example on eBay or carsforsale. Or search a carshop near by you and asked for a Jetta VR6. I am sure you will find you dream car.

2000 Jetta VR6 has a timing chain, NOT a timing belt

Answer195/50/15The question specified a 2001 VW Jetta VR6 GLS THESE are 205/55/16s.

yes. vr6 (glx) jettas have a hydraulic clutch.

No it doesn't is has a VR6 (V6)

The solenoid electrical sensor is responsible for allowing a shift in gears. The sensor in a Jetta VR6 can be fixed by a dealer mechanic.

Yes I own one. The golf vr6 is not DOHC but the Jetta is.

the top speed on my vr6 is 177mph ive personally done it.


It is important to know how much fluid to put into a cars engine. For a 1997 Jetta Vr6 needs about 5.3 quarts of engine oil.

The thermostat on a VW Jetta VR6 is replaced by removing the upper radiator hose and unbolting the radiator housing. The thermostat is then removed from its housing and a new thermostat installed.

It is OBD2 in models after 1995.5

How do I check transmition fluid n 98 vw jetta vr6 2.8

its a motor that volkswagen used in the 90s corrado, gti and jetta.

I just had the thermostat housing replaced on my 99 Jetta VR6. It's on the right (driver's) side of the engine block. The battery and battery tray should be removed to get access to the thermostat.

The firing order for a 1999 VW Jetta with a VR6 engine is 1, 4, 3, 6, 2, 5. The number one cylinder is typically on the front left as you face the car.

I don't know if the same applies to the VR6 but on the 1.8T you can find the oil filter by centering your self under the front of the car. Directly behind the radiator is the oil filter about midway up the car. Hoses can get in the way and block you from seeing it sometimes. Hope this helps. My brother has a regular 2.0 jetta, and I got a jetta VR6. The location of the oil filter is different on the VR6 here is a link to find it.

No different exhaust lengths and bends that's like saying can a limo exhaust fit on a pinto

I have a 2000 jetta gls, and the power steering fluid tank is located on the p[assenger side in the engine compartment next to the fuel lines and the washer fluid tank, it has a green lid with a picture of a steering whel on it, hope that helps.

Depends on your environment. Look in the owners manual. I use 10w-30 in my 1997 Jetta VR6 year-round.

pretty sure that they are 12 valve

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