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How do you fix the AC on your 2000 Chevy Silverado?

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September 13, 2011 1:55AM

Looking into several sites (aside from this one) I found many probable answers to "how to fix an ac". Whats it doing? I have an older 93 silverado and was looking into what the pressure should be at both the high and low psi ports. Can't find that answer yet. I came close, it would cost me the purchase of a book that did not garauntee me the answer. I assisted a friend in the addition of freon into his system (older sub) and 100 miles down the road one of his ac hoses exploded. So be careful, diagnose the problem first.


I find that they are low on freon by now which is normal as they lose a little every year passed the compressor seal.If it was my Chevy I would go to your local parts store and they sell the hose/can together freon.I would see if it's just low on freon.Hook the hose to the low side/suction fitting,turn on vehicle/air conditioner on and fanon high with the drivers window down.Add freon to system and see if the compressor lock up clutch starts up and the hose and accumulator starting to get cold with moisture appearing and it should be getting cold in the cab.If not,take it to a pro shop and have them vacuum it down to trace the leak.Ask for a new accumulator installed but they will prob. suggest that and that's route #2