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Most washing machines will first wash the clothes/rinse (as you know) and then when drying they should stick to the side of the washing machine. If I do delicate things such as lingerie or sweaters I put them in a pillow case with an elastic band on them and they won't stretch or get too many wrinkles. Also if your machine has different settings for washing then put it on medium to low and that may solve the problem. Other than that, it appears your agitator is doing the job well. Most of my clothes are on the sides to bottom of my washing machine when the cycles have finished.

2007-04-12 22:22:14
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Why does the agitator barely move in a washing machine?

An agitator that barely moves in a washing machine likely has too many clothes in the machine. Too many clothes constricts the agitator and prevents it from working as it should.

What is the thing in the middle of the washing machine?

that would be the agitator. it moves the laundry around to 'swish' the water through your clothes.

Why will the agitator on a Kenmore washing machine not turn?

The agitator has two parts. One is the bottom agitator and then you have the top agitator that moves the clothes around. If the top part of the agitator is not moving. You probably need to replace the dog ears. A great sight to look this info up is I have ordered from them before. Good Luck! Karen

How do you remove a washing machine agitator?

Removing a washing machine agitator depends on the type of washer. They are typically removed from the bottom of the machine.

What is an agitator and how is it used?

An agitator is a device or mechanism to put something into motion by shaking or stirring. There are several different types of agitators, such as manual, a washing machine agitator, and a magnetic agitator.

How is a pulsator different from an agitator in a washing machine?

Pulsator is like agitator, but it doesnt have a post at the centre

Why does the wash machine leak while its agitating?

the seal under the agitator may be bad.or have something stuck under the agitator,

How much clothes to put in washing machine?

it depends on how big your washer is. you need to leave enough room for the agitator (the thing in the middle) to be able to move and move your clothes around. the water needs to be able to circulate through your clothes. if you put too many they won't get very clean and you could break your machine.

What is the difference between agitator and homogenizer?

agitator is a stirring machine, a homogenizer is a device that breaks structure in order to make a homogenious solution

How can you get to the small open space beneath the agitator of a Kenmore Elite washing machine?

agitator cap can be unscrewed, then the retaining nut removed, then the agitator pedestal can be pulled up off the drive splines.

How centripetal force is involved in the operation of a washing machine?

The agitator post in the middle od most machines provides the centeipetal force, which radiates outwards and turns the clothes over and around.

How efficient are impeller washing machines - Do they do a good job of clothes washing - Do they tangle clothes - What are the downsides of an impeller washing machine?

They tend to tangle clothes more and can also cause a lot more lint on the clothes. The washing action tends to be quite vigorous, and combined with the lack of an agitator in the middle to separate the clothes, you get a lot of friction.

What is the differenct between a front loader and top loader washing machine?

If u get a top load washer without the agitator like a whirlpool cabrio high efficiency the only difference is about $400. If you are talking about the traditional washer the washer fills up and the agitator cleans the clothes. With the front load and top load HE models they use way less water and friction cleans the clothes.

What causes the agitator in a washing machine stop working?

It depends on what type of washer it is. If it's a GE model, and the motor / transmission is good most likely your problem is the Agitator Coupler which is located beneath the agitator If the washer is made by Whirlpool / Kenmore and the motor / transmission is good most likely your problem is the Agitator Dogs which are located inside the agitator Both are easy and inexpensive fixes

How did the first washing machine work?

The agitator was operated by pushing and pulling a handle on the side of the machine. Very high tech in their day.

What do you call a machine that makes clothes?

what you call a machine that makes clothes is a sewing machine.

What is causing the washing macine agitator to run when it is in the spin cycle?

When you washing machine is in the spin cycle the agitator should rotate along with the drum of your washing machine and that's normal. There is no way it could be going up and down and will only appear that is is agitating while on spin.

What type of machine is a clothes pin?

the type of machine that a clothes pin is, is a lever

What is the center piece in the washing machine that moves the water and clothing around with an irregular rapid motion?


How do you make webkinz clothes at the clothes machine?

You can go to to see some clothes you can make but, first you buy some clothes and after that when you on the clothes machine you go to your dock get the clothes out of there and put them in the machine. It's just like making food in the oven

How is emulsified shortening emulsified?

I think when you see the machine ,you will see more clearly .The emulsifying effect depends on the emulsifier and agitator . From ,you can see the machine .

How do you get the agitator off a kitchen aid washing machine?

first try to lift it off. that probably wont work so dont waste too much time and effort trying to it.(and you'll hurt your back) In my laundromat I used a rubber bladder shaped like a donut with a small gap in it. It's designed to be slid under the agitator and then filled with water slowly until the agitator pops up and off. Its available at appliance parts stores and it has worked every time I've used it. great little invention!

Is a washing machine an equipment or a machine?

It is both. It is a piece of equipment used to wash clothes and it is a machine used to wash clothes.

What machine is used to make clothes?

a machine .

Does a washing machine iron clothes?

I would imagine that a washing machine is more likely to wrinkle clothes.