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How do you fix the backlight of your clock so you can read it at night on a 2000 Honda Accord Ex V6?


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you take off the dashbord and get to the clock to change the light


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If your instrument lights have burnt out on your 2000 Honda Accord.... You may have another problem!!! While the dealer fixes this recall, they should replace your burnt out bulbs. 2000 Honda Accord Recall ID from NHTSA: 04V256000 Auto Recall Date: 06/07/2004 Vehicle Component: INTERIOR LIGHTING Estimated Vehicles Affected: 19572 2000 Honda Accord Defect Summary: ON CERTAIN PASSENGER VEHICLES, THE DIMMER CONTROL FOR THE INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHTS COULD FAIL DUE TO HEAT BUILDUP. Defect Consequence: IF THIS OCCURS, THE INSTRUMENT LIGHTS MAY FAIL AND, AT NIGHT, THE DRIVER MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE INSTRUMENT PANEL GAUGES, SUCH AS THE SPEEDOMETER. Remedy: DEALERS WILL REPLACE A MULTIPLEX CONTROL UNIT FOR THE INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHTS. OWNER NOTIFICATION BEGAN JUNE 16, 2004. OWNERS SHOULD CONTACT HONDA AT 1-800-999-1009. Notes: AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO., P36

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