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Probably the switch on the brake pedal,

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Q: How do you fix the brakelights on a 93 Honda Civic if they do not come on when you brake?
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How do you remove the front axles on a 1993 Honda Civic?

Begin by removing the tire and wheel from your 1993 Honda Civic. Remove the brake assembly and the brake rotor. Remove the axle retaining bolts. The axle will come off.

Why would a 1990 Honda Civic running lights go out when the brake lights come on?

The running lights have a bad ground.

Your 1997 Honda Civic ex overheats when you come to a stop?

My 1997 Honda Civic EX does not over heat when I come to a stop.

May brakelights will not come on?

1977 Chevy pickup brake lights not wordking but turn, tail,reverse allworks

Does the Honda Civic Combo Kit come with seat covers that have the civic logo on them?

Yes, they have the Honda H on the headrest.

When does the 2009 Honda Civic come out?


Does a honda civic come with 6 cylinder?


How do you repair brake light problem on a 1995 Honda Civic dx when stepping on the brake pedal the lights won't come on?

The brake light switch located at the pedal is most likely broken or stuck Did you check the bulb and replace it if required?

Brake light and Honda civic wont come outof park?

You may have to depress the break pedal. Don't quite understand "brake light not coming out of park" ... brake lights are non-moveable item .. please be more specific.

Where is the transmission oil filter located on a 1995 Honda Civic dx?

The 1995 Honda civic dx transmission does not come with oil filter.

How many brake lights do you need?

You need a minimum of 2 brake lights, So if your car has 3 brake lights and one goes out, you are still legal. Some cars do not come equipped with 3 brake lights but others do such as a honda civic with a spoiler light do.

What size wheels does a 1997 Honda Civic come from the factory with?

Honda civic 1997 comes out with 175/65r14 size 14inch wheels Honda civic 1997 comes out with 175/65r14 size 14inch wheels

Do all Honda Civics come with an alarm and remote for them?

Not all Honda Civics come with an alarm but I own a 1997 Honda Civic that came with a remote.

How do you replace a rear window brake light in a 1998 Honda civic?

Remove your 1998 Honda rear window brake light cover. Push the light bald in and turn at the same time. The light bulb will come out. Reverse the process to install the new light bulb.

How much does it cost to change brake pads on a 2003 Honda civic?

The brake pads start around $45 from your local auto parts store and the labor rate is between $50-$75... Math is where u come in...

How can i get my light to come on my radio on my 2000 Honda civic?

change the fuse

What car does a 1993 d15b7 come in?

Assorted Honda Civic models

How do you fix a brake warning light that remains on on a 1997 Honda Civic DX?

uhm that's scary. i have a brake warning light on my 89 Honda civic, i ignored it for like 4 days and it started bothering me. the brake fluid reservior was very low and u don't want that to run dry. cuz ur brake pedal will hit the floor. check that. once i put more brake fluid in the light turned off and only turns back on when i pull the emergency brakeBrake Light WarningFirst thing is to fix whatever caused the light to come on.

Could you put the bumper of a 2001 Honda Civic on a 2001 Honda Accord?

No, it will not even come close to fitting.

Will a distributor from a 1993 Honda Civic dx fit on a 1993 Honda Civic ex?

No it will not, the dx did not come with the v-tec engine and the ex did. There are 2 different distributors used.

What type of transmission is in a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

A 1993 Honda Civic has 4 different engines. All four engines can come with either a manual or an automatic transmission.

Why does the maintenance light come on in a 1997 Honda Civic?

its not a light,reset with your key

What engine does the 97 Honda civic come with?

Eather a straight 6 or a v6

How many miles can you drive when the gas light come on in Honda civic?


How do you bleed the brake fluid on a Honda Civic?

You will need help to bleed the brakes on a Honda Civic. One person needs to pump the brake pedal several times then hold it down. The other then needs to open a wheel bleeder valve, and let the air/fluid mix come out until the pedal reaches the floor. Close the valve and repeat until no air comes out with the fluid. Then move to another wheel.