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If you simply pulled wheels and calipers then replaced the pads, there could be a problem with the ABS pump try pumping the brakes with motor off 30 or 40 times, start motor and pump brakes again. Try it it may help.

2006-07-10 06:51:01
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How do you replace brake lines on 1998 blazer?

replace the line and fill and bleed breaks.

How do you change back breaks on a 2001 ford blazer?

The only way to change the back breaks on a 2001 ford blazer is to call the manufacturer that built the SUV. Those breaks are tricky and hard to get off let alone put back together. You have to leave the tire on while changing the break disks. Good luck!

What causes a misfire on cylinder 3 in a 1996 blazer I have changed the plug wires egr valve cap and rotor. Any help?

It could be out of time. It could be connected to the wrong plug in on the distributor. Check your wires for breaks in them.

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Can a wheel alignment cause your car to whistle when driving at low speeds ive already changed out my rotors and breaks?

Whistling at low speeds tends to indicate worn wheel bearings.

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What happens if the idler arm breaks on 1996 Chevy blazer?

a lot can happen and none of it is good the idler arm is one of the main components of the steering linkage and if it breaks you could loose control of your steering

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Why would front wheels shake when applying breaks on a 1976 Chevy blazer four wheel drive?

It's almost always warped rotors.

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You change the break booster on your 96 blazer 4x4 bleed the breaks your Q is the ABS because you have no breaks and no cant put it in gear?

did you re attach the shaft from the pedal to the booster properly and the brake on off switch? car won't leave gear with out the

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How do you tighten the hood cable in a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer?

I dont belive you can; it may have stretched, so I would suggest you replace it before it breaks and locks your hood down.

You changed your rear breaks and rotors and it now sqeaks and smokes?

It could be that the brake pads are dragging on the rotors.

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there is only one way, you have to get a socket, i think 13 mm and enough extensions to unbolt the latch from the hood

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