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How do you fix the electric window in a 2000 Caravan?


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2015-07-15 21:24:03
2015-07-15 21:24:03

First of all you must remove the door panel and check for any loose connections or damaged wires. If there are no obvious damage or loose connections then the window motor needs to be changed. It's not a major job but you have very little space to work with. Just remove the old one and replace the new one that is appropriate for your car. You can also find repair manuals at the library to help out. Most auto parts stores can basiclly tell you how to do the job or give you tips. I just changed mine and now the driver's side needs a new one also. Good luck and I hoped i was able to help. Jean


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you probably need to clean and re-grease the window motor

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If the cables have failed, the entire regulator needs replaced.

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One can get a new Caravan Window by going to the company that made the caravan and asking them whether they will either fix a new caravan window, or whether they will just provide the part. One can also go to an online site such as eBay Motors, and Auto Parts Warehouse.

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