How do you fix the fan belt on a 1991 Mercury Capri?

ok there isn't a fan belt. there is a belt that does the altanator and water pump, and another belt that does ac/power steering. your better off replaceing both at the same time. you have to just loosen the bolts that go to the part and some of them you can only see from under neath the car. then you should be able to take both off and replace them. its a pain in the butt to get the v belt back on. very tight fit

Yes, there is an alternator belt. Yes, there is a power steering belt. However, the alternator belt is commonly referred to as a fan belt. As he said, the v belt (that is, the fan/alternator belt) has a very tight fit. If you loosen the alternator enough, though, it's not too hard to put on.The first thing you do is take off the power steering belt. You have to loosen the belt to do this, though. Once you've taken off the belt, loosen the alternator. Once it is moving freely, the alternator belt will come off relatively easily, especially if you have a screwdriver or a tool designed for that purpose (it has a name, but I remember not what it is). Now put the new alternator belt onto the pulleys made for it (you will probably need the afformentioned tool for this; I have every time, as far as I remember). Tighten the alternator and make SURE that the belt is also tight. If the belt is not tight enough, it will break and you can have a very, very bad problem on your hands. When that is done, put back on the power steering belt, or put on the new one, if you do them both at the same time (as he said, it's a good idea). You will probably need the tool used on the alternator belt to do this. Once you've made sure that the belt is fit properly onto the pulleys, tighten it.Now you're done, or, at least, I hope you are. Good luck!