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The f150 is notorious for the clock spring inside the steering column going bad, it is a flat cable wound on a spool, located behind the airbag assy. It can also cause your cruise control to not operate..what happens is the flat cable gets a break in the cable due to age, and causes it to not make contact..this is a dealer part and can be purchased for around 75.00. hope this helps.

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Q: How do you fix the horn on a 1994 F150?
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1994 Ford F150 horn relay?

$10.49 What about it?

Is there a fuse for the horn on a 1994 f150?

It is located in the fuse panel underneath the dash.

Your 1994 f 150 horn stopped as well as your air bags now you have the airbag light flashing?

I just bought a 94 f150 with exactly the same problem... no horn and airbag light flashing... I haven't looked at the problem yet... so I am very interested in a answer (fix) ...will watch with interest or will report the fix when I get around to it...

Where is cruise control relay on 1994 F150?

The cruise control relay on a 1994 F150 is operated by a switch behind the horn pad and airbag on the steering wheel. The switch will probably need replacement if the cruise control in your vehicle is malfunctioning.

Hazard lights not working on 1994 Ford F150 how to fix?

A blown fuse would cause the hazard lights not to work on the 1994 Ford F150. It could also be blown bulbs causing the lights not to work.

How do you fix a 2010 F150 fuel door?

how to fix a fuel door on a 2010 f150

Where is your horn relay located on your 1994 f150 pickup?

driver side under the hood inside the power distribution box relay 3

How do you fix backdoor lock on 2000 f150 ford?

How do you fix the cable in side of the back doors of a 2000 ford f150

How do you fix the horn on a 1988 camaro?

To fix the horn on a 1988 Camaro, check the horn fuse first. Then check the horn relay, wiring, horn, and switch to find the problem.

Where is the tps located on an 01 f150?

where is the tps located on a 1994 f150

What is number on fuse for horn 2000 f150 truck?


When was the first f150 lightning made?

F150 u mean I`m sorry, yes F150

How do you fix the horn on a 1997 Acura Integra?

The horn on a 1997 Acura Integra uses one wire. When a horn stops working it is usually due to a bad fuse. To fix the horn replace the fuse labeled HORN.

How do you fix a horn on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

To start with you have to determine the reason the horn has failed. Check the fuse, the horn relay, the horn switch/contacts in the steering wheel and the horn itself. Once you have found the cause then you can fix it.

Why does the horn on a 1994 Ford F150 works once in awhlie what possible cause?

Does it work only when you push the buttonNO That's the problem it only works once in awhile when you push the button

How dop you fix a horn that does not work on a 2007 spectra?

Check the horn fuse, and connector on the horn

What is the bolt pattern on a 1994 f150?


Where is the horn located on a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

The 1994 Chevy Camaro horn is located in the front of the engine compartment. The horn will be on the right hand side of the radiator.

What actors and actresses appeared in Das Horn - 1994?

The cast of Das Horn - 1994 includes: Mikhail Gluzskiy

How can you fix po355 on f150 4.6?

change the pcm.

How do you fix the horn if not working for Toyota hiace?

Take to someone who can fix it

How do you fix the horn on a 1988 delta 88?

buy a new horn and install it

How can you disable a car horn in 1994 Ford Laser?

1,remove wiring from horn unit,2 pull out fuse,3 take off horn cover on steering wheel & disconnect wiring Remember though, you need to have it if you are pulled over, or you get a fix it ticket.

Fix horn on 1994 dodge spirit?

Check it for power when you hit the horn button and if it's got power replace the horn. If you don't have power than you need to test the fuse and relay. If they both don't get power it may be in the clock spring or button on the steering wheel.

Where is the horn fuse located for a 1994 buick regal?

The 1994 Buick Regal horn fuse is located in the fuse box. The horn fuse will be in the second column, fourth from the top.

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