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How do you fix the horn on a 2000 Honda civic si?


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First Cheack the fuses!!! located under the dash board and check the fuse for the HORN.

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If all connections to the horn are fine and the fuse in okay, then you might want to check the horn relay or the actual switch at the steering wheel.AnswerYou will have to check the horn unit to determine if it is broken. This can be done by cutting apart the wiring harness, and connecting wires from your horn to your battery. If it doesn't make noise, your horn is shot. You'll have to take the bumper off the car to get at the horn, another testament of great engineering on the part of Honda :)

Daytime running lights on a Honda Civic are the same as normal headlights. To fix or replace them, locate the headlight housing in the front of the car. Remove the plastic housing and replace the bulbs.

To start with you have to determine the reason the horn has failed. Check the fuse, the horn relay, the horn switch/contacts in the steering wheel and the horn itself. Once you have found the cause then you can fix it.

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I have the same issue on my 2001 Honda Civic , Honda just Quoted me 256.00 for a new seatbelt and 50.00 For labour. The mechanic Told me its the only way to fix the issue. whether that's true or not , i don't know! but hope this helps some. Cheers

Have you checked your fuse panel underneath your dash on drivers side?

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