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replace it My driver's door lock and ignition barrel have both had this problem where it is hard to turn the key, at one point I couldn't turn the key at all and was stuck at 3 in the morning! Anyway, I took the lock out and took it apart. Inside is columns of plates, the lock mechanism. If you gently file the gaps just a small amount at a time and keep trying the key until it works. And it's still working now, 3 years later! If you don't fancy that locks in scrapyards are very cheap, I picked one up for a fiver, just make sure they have the key for it!

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โˆ™ 2006-08-08 00:57:08
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Q: How do you fix the lock on a Ford Fiesta Mark 3?
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total loss.

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After searching on the internet, there is no recall issue for the 2004 Ford Escape concerning the back door lock. The lock can be fixed by taking apart the lock manually or brought to the garage for repairs.

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Whats wrong with it?

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to fix your problem, remove the door lock and buy a new car

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We have a 92 Ford Aerostar minivan and our sliding door locked up for a year - even ford could not fix it. My dad reset the computer (disconnect the battery for five minutes) and it has worked for almost a year now.

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Either replace the lock or disassemble it for manual repair.

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The wiring or the locking mechanism may be damaged in your ford explorer. You need to take it to an auto shop to have diagnostic testing done.

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Fix the track

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Maybe it's because your engine isn't working or your car is getting too old. I recommend you to fix your car.

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