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get the door open with a 'slim jim' or any way you can (coathanger) and remove the door panel to repair.. also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

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โˆ™ 2006-07-16 10:42:33
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Q: How do you fix the lock on the backdoor of a dodge Caravan when the key or handle does not work?
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Remove 2001 dodge caravan lock cylinder?

do you mean the door or ignition?

Why does your 2006 Chevy does not open the backdoor?

either the child safety lock is on or the rods inside the door to the handle have come off.

Should the backdoor lock with the power lock on my 02 Durango?


How do you enable the horn beep on 2002 dodge caravan?

Hold down the panic and lock button on the transmitter for 10 seconds.

Where is the child protective lock?

1995 Dodge Grand Caravan-it is in the door jam area on the sliding door.There is an off and on selector

Lost keys How do you drill out ignition lock on 1996 dodge caravan?

Most locksmiths can cut a key with your VIN. Or a dealership.

How do you repair a 1992 Dodge Caravan when the brakes lock up and the brake light stays on?

The dealer will know how to access the codes for the brakes. When that is fixed it should not lock up then.

Power door locks stop working dodge caravan?

The power door locks on a Dodge Caravan can stop working if the fuse is bad. Check the power door lock relay fuse that is located in the engine compartment on most Dodge Caravans. It should be next to the battery.

The lock jammed while the side door was open on a 1994 Dodge caravan How do you release the mechanism?

I went to close the side door on my vehicle and it was jammed locked. A gentleman came over and had me pull on the inside handle (as to open it) then he pulled on the outside handle as to open it and it released. Hope this helps silverpenny

Backdoor of 2000 grand am will not open from in out?

check the child safety lock

How do you open a locked 2001 dodge caravan door.?

my car front doon lock check inside ok but remot working not open

How do you recharge the air conditioner in a 1997 Dodge Caravan?

(I recommend you take it to a garage as if you get too much in it you can lock the compressor or it won't cool right .

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