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Try coating the rusted areas with rust converter and repainting wit a suitable paint.

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Q: How do you fix the metal liner of an above ground pool when it has started to rust?
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Does it hurt the liner or the metal of an above ground pool to put limestone around it?

I believe that when chlorinated water splashes on the limestone, it will create a crossive environment that may be adverse to the metal wall.

How to repair metal above ground pool walls?

I didn't know that there were swimming metal walls.

How do you get the rust color out of your above-ground pool?

My above ground pool liner turned a rust color after adding calcuim hardness and then two days later I added alkalinity plus adjuster. I thought it was a bad case of alge but it turned out to be a metal stain. I purchased a metal stain test kit which has three different tests in it, after I found one that worked the best, I went back to the pool supply store and bought the stain remover. I had to use double the amount it called for but now my liner is spotless again.

How much does metal frame cost for around above ground pool?

15 99

How many gallons of water are in an metal frame above ground 13 foot diameter x 42 inch deep above ground pool?

1,070 U.S. gallons

What are the metal towers that hold the cables high above the ground called?

transmission line tower

Can an above ground pool break from jumping in?

In order to answer this question, I am assuming the pool in question is a rigid metal above ground pool with a vinyl liner, and not a plastic or blow up pool. If so, the pool will NOT break, as it has massive pressure pushing ooutward on the walls already, much more than a person jumping in will cause. The only concerns are: 1) are you going to hit the bottom and injure yourself, and 2) do you have anything sharp in your pockets that could break the liner. If you can answer no to both questions, then go ahead and jump!

What are two things lightning is attracted to?

Lightning is attracted to metal rods or anything above ground level.

When you replace the liner on your above ground pool can you cover up the holes for the return and skimmer and put the holes somewhere else on the pool wall?

Yes you can, it will void your warranty on the pool wall, but it can be done. Make a template from the existing skimmer hole so you can cut in the new hole. After the liner is removed simply duct tape a piece of galvanized sheet metal, paint the cut edges as to prevent rust, ofer the holes for the skimmer and return. Make sure the sheet metal is at least 6"-10" past the existing holes. The duct tape only holds the metal in place and protects the liner from sharp edges.

What are the metal rods around the bottom of an above ground pool called?

I think you are talking about the lower wall track. It is the curved metal part that the wall fits into.

What sort of tiny smaller than a gnat thin flying light brown bugs are attracted to the white metal frame of an above ground pool?

Fleas are smaller than gnats are very thin. These flying bugs are attracted to the white metal frame on above ground pools.

Where do you mine metal?

we mine metal in ground

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