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How do you fix the passenger power window on a Honda Civic it is the only one that does not work also how do you fix the fuel gauge from sticking so you can tell exactly how much fuel is left?


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passenger window does not work getting power when i press the switch getting power on both sides of wire tested motor works

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To change the front passenger window weatherstripping on a Honda Civic first open the door. Pull the old stripping off and remove the door panel. Use a water proof sealant and place the new weatherstripping around the window.

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Check the window fuses. They are located underneath the driver side kick panel. If the fuses are blown the windows will not work.

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You can turn on the passenger airbags in a 2014 Honda Civic EX by switching on the fuse under the hood.

A 1995 Honda Civic will have a trim on top of the window that can be removed. Once removed, the window will have a spot to slide out of the door. Slide the old window out of the door and replace with the new glass.

On my 91 Honda civic 4dr sedan it is on the passenger side fire wall.

i believe it is in the heated rear window

Left button sticking out from the instrument panel

Window wipers are not working. Is there a fuse for this?

Passenger side near the rear.

passenger side kick panel

It's in passenger side underneath the carpet

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should be passenger side, under the carpet, under the dash near the passenger door.

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To replace the back window on a Honda Civic DX, you will have to remove the old one, peel off the remaining plastic, and put the new one in place.

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On the passenger side kick panel by the speaker.

behind the passenger side kick panel

behind the passenger side kick panel

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The rear window glass on a Honda Civic is held in place by a silicone sealer. Remove the old glass be prying it away from the car. Clean off any residue of the sealant. Properly line up the window and use the silicone sealer to glue to window to the car.

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