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The linkage apparently has come disconnected.

The first thing of course is to remove the door panel - See "Related Questions" below for more detail on getting it off.

Once inside, an inspection of the linkage should reveal where the problem is.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-30 16:59:35
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Q: How do you fix the passenger side door on a 95 Ford Taurus the door wont open from inside but opens from outside?
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Door sweep are installed on inside or outside of the door?

Depends if the door opens outwards or inwards. (Inwards go on inside, outwards on outside).

Passenger door will not open from inside on a 1996 Saturn SL2?

If the door opens from the outside it may be the child safety latch. Open the door and there will be a lever on the rear of the door move this to the off position.

1990 Chevy blazer s-10 front passenger car door opens from the outside but not from the inside?

Had the same problem on my 1990 s-10 blazer, after pulling the door skin,i found the linkage to inside door handle had bent, just bend it out straighter is all it takes.

Your 93 Corsica you can open doors from inside but not from outside?

If the door on a 1993 Corsica opens from the inside and not the outside, one issue is likely the problem. The linkage connecting the outside door handle is disconnected or broken. It is also possible that the door lock is faulty.

The interior door handled will not open the door. whats the problem?

if the door opens from the outside but not the inside then check that the door does not have a child lock

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What would cause the drivers door on a 1992 Toyota Previa to not open properly it only opens when rolling down the window and opening it from the outside?

You have to take the inside door panel off and behind it you can see where the inside door handle is connected.Usually to a rod that opens the door.Either the hande has become disconnected or tghe rod is broken or bent.

The door handle on your 1995 Ford Aerostar works inside but not on the outside how can you fix this?

the door on my 94 aerostar only opens from the outside and only if you hold the lock button up on the inside while you pull the handle. it is a pain it the but. i am going to take it apart this weekend and maybe i can help you next week. it is probably just a hook or latch that came off inside the door.

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Sliding on Pontiac trans sport door is stuck how do you get it opened?

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Both front doors will not unlock with key outside also not open from the outside even though they are unlocked Someone has to pull on the inside handle while another person opens from outside?

The rod on the door handle has an adjustment. Remove the door handle and adjust the rod so it pushes the locking device further.

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