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How do you fix the power door locks on a 1999 Honda Civic?


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2018-02-16 18:35:58
2018-02-16 18:35:58

The truth is you should probably go to the dealer to get diagnosed because it could be the motor (regulator) or a short somewhere in the line.

The door is easy to get to and fairly simple wiring; I recently fixed my stereo and had to take door panel off to access the mids. Buy a manual and continuity tester and with some patience you can track the short. There are also 2 relays (a up and down relay) that lock or unlocks the door.


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If the power door locks are not working on a 1999 Honda Civic, check the fuses. It is also possible that water got into the door lock mechanism and shorted out the system.

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When power doors fail on a 1999 Honda Civic there is a problem with a actuator or wiring. The door lock fuses should be checked. If the fuses are fine then the actuators themselves will need to be checked.

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