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the locks may be seized or just need to be locked and unlocked until they are freed up. If the Jeep has sat for some time just try manually locking and unlocking each door.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-24 14:57:11
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Q: How do you fix the power locks on your 1990 Cherokee. You hear the clicking but not locking or unlocking?
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How do you reset security system on 2003 Saturn L300?

my locks are locking and unlocking my trunk is unlocking my wipers are going it keeps binging and my keys are in the house

How to program a keyless remote for a 2001 chevy camaro?

You can program a 2001 Chevrolet Camaro by locking then unlocking the door locks.

Why are automatic locks locking and unlocking while driving?

I had a suburban and just after the doors started locking and unlocking the alternator went out.....beware....there was only about a 30 second warning before it died completely..and that warning was the CD flew out of the CD player.

Why are the dome light blinking on and off and the door locks keep locking and unlocking?

Is this condition only present when driving . If so it sounds like you have a faulty door switch .

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Why are the power locks on a 96 Saturn locking and unlocking constantly and draining the battery can this be fixed with a fuse or by disconnecting the locks?

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Today the car won't start at all and the battery is fine. Locks continue to lock and unlock as if the car was possessed. Help would be most appreciated!

Did the 1982 jeep Cherokee come with a locking rear diff?

yes, my 1982 jeep has a gov-lock rear so that if one tire spins, the other locks.

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Why won't your car open if the battery is dead?

If you have electric locks, the battery is what actually does the 'unlocking'. If the battery is dead, it obviously won't work. Many locks have a supplementary mechanical linkage to allow unlocking by turning the key in the door lock, but sometimes that mechanism is broken. Try unlocking the passenger side, as a backup plan.

How do you disconnect the automatic locks on a 1994 town and country to keep them from locking automatically while driving down the road?

I don't think you can, unless you disable the whole electronic locking/unlocking system. It's a safety feature on many cars; once they hit about 15mph, the doors lock. (Just curious; why is this a problem for you? Makes it harder to push someone out at 50mph?)

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How do you fix manual door locks on Jeep Cherokee Sport?

you go to the parts store and buy new locks for your doors.

If you change your door locks will your central locking button still work on inside?

if removed and replaced properly the interior locking button should always work.

You have a 2004 VUE and the door locks started locking and unlocking while the car is being driven Any Ideas what causes this?

I had the same issue. It was my computer, luckily it was under warranty when the issue occured. The BCM might be going bad, have fun. Matthew Self Slip Stream Customs

Can you put power locks on 1996 Pontiac transport?

Yes, go get power lock actuators and mount them on the inside of the door panel and connect them up to the door lock rods that are already there for manually locking and unlocking them ... the actuator kit should have instructions and you are going to have to get a set for each door

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Clicking the button that says Caps Lock

When unlocking the passenger side door locks won't stay unlocked they immediately lock again 1991 Acura Legend?

this is your safety switch alarm sensor located below the steering wheel left hand to you it is a push button that will turn off your automatic locking system and turn it on at your request.

If her name is on the mortgage but makes no payments can I change the locks?

If her name is on the deed you cannot change the locks. If her name is only on the mortgage you should consult with an attorney before locking her out.

PT Cruiser door locks unlocking by themselves?

unplug your negative side battery for couple hours, the car locks start out a couple times them they seem to become as if possessed, really, same time stripping the gears in your locks. but that' what I did, not a problem since

1994 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo won't start security lights keep flashing and there is a clicking noise resetting locks did not solve the problem still won't start?

My sister just had the same thing happen to her 1994 Jeep. Her security lights were flashing and there was a clicking noise when she tried to turn her jeep on. She tried resetting her locks with no luck. Therefore, we ended up using jumper cables to try to restart her car and it worked.

How do you convert regular locks into power locks on a Saturn vue 2003?

you need to put a solenoid in-line with the linkage that operates your vertical or horizontal locking button or flip lock.

Why would the door locks keep unlocking on a 1989 320i BMW?

My guess is that the central locking mechanism is going bad. I have a 1989 325 and it is doing the same thing. Check the wiring to the master unit. If the wires are shorting they can start doing strange things. I experienced this while putting in an alarm in my 88 316.

Where is the fuse located for the windows and door locks on a jeep grand Cherokee?

In the fuse box