How do you fix the problem of the brake lights and turn signals and emergency flashers not working when all fuses and bulbs are good?

The WD40 solution

I had the same problem on my 98 Grand Marquis. A Linclon Mercury mechanic told me the problem was most likely in the hazard flasher switch on top of the steering column. He recommended I spray WD 40 around the switch and push it down *and let it pop up several times and wiggle it around. It worked for me - problem solved. Apparently, over the years gunk finds it way in there, be it dirt, liquids, etc. Furthermore, he said there is no "flasher" you can replace as you may remember in older vehicles. Good luck.

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  • The WD-40 squirted in the emergency flasher switch worked in my 97 ford mustang. Thanks so much for the info.
  • Thanks for saving me the coins to pay a mechanic. I have a 97 Ford Van and the question fit my problem to the tee. The solution also fixed my problem.
  • My wife push the flasher and that started all the problems. I took your advise and it worked for me too on my 1995 Grand Marquis. Thanks for your imput.
  • I have a '99 Ford F-150 4.8 Liter V8, and this seems to have fixed the problem. It began as an intermittant problem and has gotten progressively worse over the past couple of months. I thought it was only affecting my turn signals, but I later discovered it also involved my brake lights. Moving the emergency flasher switch up and down a number of times solved the problem. Thank you!
  • This also worked for me I have a 1999 Ford Expedition. I moved the hazardous lights up and down and the problem was solved.
  • I thought I had checked the relevant fuses on my Ranger truck, but missed the one for brake-Emergency Flashers. My flashers were on - the button in the extended position when the fuse blew. Because the fuse went I didn't know the flasher was still in the on position. Therefore the turn signals and brake lights didn't work. It wasn't until I got the flasher in the off position that the turn signals started working again.
  • hey it worked for me too! i almost brought her in to the vultures till i found this. thanks!!!!
  • Worked on 1998 Lincon Continental...moved hazard warning switch in steering column up and down....worked great! THANKS!
  • The WD40 worked like a charm. I have been trying to fix this problem for 2 hours. I sprayed WD40 and problem solved. Thanks so much.
  • It works , don'ask me how , but it works.
  • Just used WD4O on the hazard switch of a 97 Aerostar whose blinkers have not worked for months. The switch now works freely, and the blinkers work, too.
  • I had a right front turn signal not working, sometimes. Then the left front stopped working, sometimes. Replaced lamps and still no joy. Tried the hazard flasher switch a few times and it started working but only sometimes. Sprayed WD40 into the hazard switch, exercised it a few times, and all OK now. Many thanks to the original poster.
  • Good Morning! Let me echo the repair of the WD40. I had the same symtems of turn signals, flashers not working. Checked all the fuses. Went to Auto Zone to seek advise, They called FORD for me (really nice guys here in Warren, Pa) Ford pointed them/me to a light processcor that costs in excess of $200. A dealer only part) Auto Zone then suggested for me to access the web and seek out like problems which I did. Thank you to the original poster of this issue and Auto Zone. Several squirts and I worked the switch...and presto...everything started working again! No cost at all to fix this prob. I already has the WD40!
  • It worked for me too on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird! Took me 2 days of checking things and not being able to use the care before I "Google'd" the problem. The Internet is great and so is your web site! You should have an option for people to pay something if you site helped them. This was worth at least $50 (and more if I would have taken it somewhere).
  • Thank you VERY MUCH !!! The WD-40 solution worked GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you, worked for my 1997 F-150!