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I Had the same problem on my 96, it ended up being my trailer wiring was wraped around the frame by to previous owner, and over time the vibs. rebed the insulation off the wires and caused a short in the system which will cause all kinds of electrical issues that would be tied to the trailer wiring system

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Why does the left turn signal stop when you apply the brakes on a 1996 Ford Ranger?

Most likely you have a grounding problem in the left tail-light. See if the wire is disconnected, broken or if the grond wire connection is corroded where it connects to the body.

How do you replace the turn signal flasher in a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup?

how do you replace a turn signal flasher on a 1999 ford ranger pickup

The right turn signal comes on but will not flash the left works fine on a 1993 ford ranger What is the problem?

check the bulbs one is burned out

Why does my 2000 Ford Ranger windshield wiper keep coming on?

When the windshield wiper on a 2000 Ford Ranger comes on by itself this can signal a damaged windshield wiper switch. Changing these switches out often corrects this problem.

96 Ford ranger When applying the brakes the left turn signal comes on Left turn signal only works correctly when brakes are not in use?

It sounds like the posative brake light wire is shorted out with the left turnsignal light wire. These are easily accesable in the trunk and also as a result eazily damaged. Locate the damaged wires and tape them up. Hope this helps.

1989 silverado left turn signal set applying brakes causes the left turn signal to dimm and the two right rear tail light bulbs to alternate brightly?

1989 silverado left turn signal set applying brakes causes the left turn signal to dim and the two right rear tail light bulbs to alternate brightly? Further problem occurs to same truck - in Park and brakes not applied -- if head lights are on turn signal flash slows right down almost to a stop and becomes very dim

1994 ford ranger turn signal switch?

The 1994 Ford Ranger pickup truck turn signal switch can be found below the dashboard. The switch will be on the drivers side. The turn signal switch should be labeled as such.

Left turn signal won't work with headlights on what causes this?

I could not be sure about your particular problem, but I had to replace the Multi-Function and Turn signal switches in a 96 Lumina for similar strange problems of Brakes and signals not working in particular scenarios.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2008 Ford Edge?

where is the turn signal flasher on 2008 ford ranger

How can you turn off the ABS light on the dash of a 1992 Nissan maxima?

if abs light is on, there is a problem in your brake system if the problem has already been repaired, disconnect battery for 5 minutes to cancel signal in computer. if problem has not been repaired, get it fixed otherwise signal and light will just keep coming back,not to mention your brakes will fail right when you need em most

When your lights are on and you hite the brakes your left turn signal goes faster?

if your signal is faster than normal then you need a new bulb

Where is the turn signal hazard flasher located on a 2004 ford ranger truck?

The 2004 Ford Ranger pickup truck signal hazard flasher unit can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The signal hazard flasher unit will be above the brake pedal.

Why do Turn signal works but not brake lights your jeep?

Check the fuses for your brakes.

Where is turn signal flasher on 1992 Ford Ranger?

I have a 92 Ford Ranger also and mine is located on the top of the steering wheel.

When you turn right signal on the left signal gets brighter and the right signal light goes out?

You have a problem with your ground. A weak ground will always cause this type problem.

On my 99 neon sometimes indicator lights stay on steady sometimes flash the way they should Why?

When this happens, wiggle the turn signal stalk. If this fixes the problem, you need a new turn signal switch. Sometimes when you hit the brakes, the lights will come on. This is an indication of a bad switch.

What number is the turn signal fuse for a 1993 ford ranger supercab?


Where is the brake light switch on a 1995 Monte Carlo?

the brakes are wired into the turn signal assembly. i had the same problem with my car the middle rear light would light up but not the left or right. if you wedge something in the turn signal you will notice your lights work. there actually was a recall on that part.the switch is actually on the brakes that's what makes them light up when you press it. if the wedge doesn't work then you will have to replace the whole turn signal switch located in steering collum. hope this helps

Why does your 2000 Chevy blazer Turn signal flasher not shut off?

probably have a bad relay, that was my problem.. Are your turn signals not working, but your hazards lights are? and if so, do you hear a constant clicking sound, like your turn signal is turned on? Does the clicking sound go away when you hit the brakes? It is the relay.

How to Identify signal wire on oxygen sensor for 1988 ford ranger 2.9l?

you can breath

Why would your turn signal lights only come on when you are pushing on the brakes?

i think your car is broken

Is there problem of multiple access interference and intersymbol interference problem in gsm?

MAI cause a significant problem when the power level of the desired signal is higher than that of the interfering signal. Multiuser detection(MUD) uses the information present in the MAI to decode the signal.

Why would the left turn signal stop flashing when the brakes are applied on a 2002 Pontiac Montana?

Your Pontiac has a problem in the electronic block, which is controlling the turn signals, the tail and brake lights and etc. It shouldn't be a big deal.

What makes ABS and brake light come on continuously?

The ABS and brake lights sole purpose is to signal you that you may have a problem with each / or one individual system. From your question we can assume that your ABS and brake lights come on continuously. There by we can safely deduce that you may have a problem with your ABS system and / or your brakes.

What can you use a signal generator to find?

To trace a problem in an amplifier. Send in a signal and trace its' path.