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How do you fix the rear disk brakes on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix?


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2015-07-15 20:00:11
2015-07-15 20:00:11

I will assume that you are dealing with stuck rear calipers which is very common. if this is the problem replaicement is required. on the other hand in order to push in the calliper it acully needs to be turned or scrued clockwise for it to be retracted to install new pads.


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what tools do i use to change the front brakes in my 2003 Pontiac grand prix

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The remote trunk release for a 1993 Grand Prix is in the gove box.

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Remove the tire and wheel from your 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. Remove the spring from the brake shoe. Remove the brake shoes. Reverse the process to install the new brakes.

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Remove the front tires, from your Pontiac Grand Prix. Remove the brakes and rotors. Unbolt the axle from the suspension. Remove the axle.

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