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How do you fix the reclining lever on a 1999 Monte Carlo drivers seat?

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βˆ™ 2008-04-24 19:36:07

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Sorry I can't help, but I have the same question on a 2001 Monte ........ my seat reclines past the first stop. Thanks

2008-04-24 19:36:07
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Q: How do you fix the reclining lever on a 1999 Monte Carlo drivers seat?
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Where can you find just the plastic piece that the turn signal lever fits in for a 1978 Monte Carlo?


How do you open the hood latch on a 1972 Monte Carlo?

on the front bumper, there is a small lever toy pull out which releases the hood.

What is meant by non-reclining?

non reclining means that the seat or chair does not have a handle (or lever) that allows the back of the chair to recline backwards (like the seats in an aeroplane). The seat would stay upright.

What would cause the gearshift lever on the column on your 1995 Chevy Lumina to become very hard to move?

I had the same problem on my Monte Carlo and if you look underneath the car, you may find that the linkage could be binding on the exhaust system

How do you adjust the seat on a car?

There should be a lever at the front of the seat just under your legs. This will allow you to move the seat forward or back. On cars that have reclining seats the control for reclining is on the door side of the seat where the back rest meets the seat bottom.

Where is the computer on a 1996 Cavalier?

drivers side footwell behind panel by bonnet release lever drivers side footwell behind panel by bonnet release lever

Where is the release lever to open gas cap cover on a 2001 Toyota Echo?

The release lever is on drivers side floor by the seat there is also lever for the trunk right in front of it

How do i open the engine compartment on mr2?

There is a pull lever behind the drivers seat

How do i get into a locked Toyota Corolla trunk with no key?

Check if there is a trunk release lever on the left side of the drivers seat by the gas door release lever.

How to Open hood on 1996 cutlass supreme?

lever along side drivers seat.

How do you open the fuel door on the Nissan Altima?

The lever is on the left side of the drivers seat. Push down at the front of the lever; if you pull up, it will open the trunk

What do tow truck drivers disengage under an automatic when it is stuck in park?

There is a lever that will put it in neutral.

Where is the lever to pop the trunk of your Acura TL?

drivers side door in front of pocket console

Where will you find the computer box of an opel corsa B?

I believe it is on the drivers side at the right leg side where your bonnet lever sits. Remove the lever and the cover and there you go.

Where is located the fuel pump on Honda civic 1999?

Drivers side rear. You pull the lever to the left of the drivers seat to open the pump. Lever is located almost at the floor of the car directly left of the driver seat next to the bottom of the door car door.

I have a 1998 Monte Carlo LS and have problems with the turn signals. I having to hold the lever half way down to signal.The signal nor the brake lights work.What's upas the Fuses are fine?

You have a combination switch that is defective. The turn signal switch cancel one side from blinking so the oyher stays on solid.

How do you turn on bright lights on a 79 Monte Carlo?

it has to be one of two ways either the (windsheild washer/ turn signal lever) in witch case you pull it toward you (NOT UP OR DOWN) once to turn them on and once to turn them off. or it is a floor button on the far left side of your floor board. i bet its the first one though.

How do you open hood on 1994 Cutlass Supreme?

There should be a lever between the door and the drivers seat, on the floor

Where is the interior lever or button for the fuel door located at on a 88 Jaguar XJ6?

It (lever) is in the trunk, left side, under mouth of gas tank. I found it. Maybe inside the glove compartment? On the floor left side of drivers seat, its a lever.

How do you open petrol cap on Renault laguna?

see if there is a lever on right hand side of drivers seat on the floor

How do you adjust the seat height on a Ford Fiesta?

There is a lever on the left side of the drivers seat that you can pump up or down.

Where is the lever to open the petrol cap cover in a 1991 Pulsar Vector.I cant find it on the floor near seat and the cover doesn't open manually.?

The lever beside the drivers seat lifts for opening the boot and you push down on that lever to open the fuel cover.

How do you get a 2002 ford explorer drivers seat to move back and forth?

If its a manual seat there is a lever in front of the seat underneath you pull up. If its power there will be a oval shaped lever that you push forward. You can also use that lever to adjust up, down, etc. The lever will be on the left side of seat, towards the bottom on the plastic trim.

Hood release new beetle?

Drivers side. Side panel under dash. Pull lever towards the door

How to use the remote trunk lock on a Kia Optima?

There should be a lever on the drivers door, myn is 2001 Kia Optima