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Q: How do you fix the seat adjuster on a 1976 Chevy Corvette?
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Where is battery on a 1976 Corvette?

behind the drivers seat

How do you remove the seat cushions on a 1991 Chevy Corvette?

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Does the Chevy Corvette have a back seat?

No, it is a 2 seater sports car.

How do you change the seat inclination in a 1976 Chevy Corvette?

I have a '75, I hope it's the same. Tilt the seat forward (release should be at the top of the seat back) and you'll expose to cap bolts that screw up into the seat back and two that screw down into the rear of the seat base. Adjust accordingly.

How do you use spacers to change the inclination of the front seat in a 1976 Corvette?

I own a 1977 corvette and I have adjusted the rubber stops in the back on the seat bottom as well as the metal stops on the seat back where these two meet. These just screw in or out. It is limited but it work for me. I'm not sure if the 1976 is the same but I'd bet it is

Do any type of Chevy Corvettes have a back seat?

No Corvette made by Chevrolet has a back seat. You may find one that has been modified and a back seat added, but not by Chevrolet. The Corvette is a 2 seat car and always has been. Of course there have been prototypes built by Chevy with a back seat but none ever went into production.

How do you get the back seat of a 1976 Chevy impala to fold down?

I don't believe they had that option back in 1976.

Will the seats from a 2004 Chevy Corvette C5 LS1 5.7L coupe fit into a 1998 corvette?

Yes, they all use the same seat rails. They should bolt right in.

Did Chevy Corvette in the 1960's have a backseat?

No, the Chevrolet Corvette has always been a 2 seater with no back seat since the very first one was built in 1953.

How do you install seat covers on a 1977 Corvette?

what is the process for installing new seat covers in a 1977 chevrolet corvette

What bucket seats will fit an 85 Chevy c-10?

any older model corvette seat will bolt right up

How do you remove the seats from a 1987 Chevy Corvette?

look around the bottom of the seat their should be bolts leading through the floor board take those out (their should be 4 of them) and just remove the seat.

How many does a corvette seat?


Did they ever make a Corvette with a back seat?

yes they did make a 4 seater corvette.

Where is the battery located on a 1972 Corvette?

The battery location on a 1972 Corvette is behind the driver's seat. There is a small door behind the seat that hides the battery.

Where is the wheel nut tool located or stored in a 1995 Chevy Corvette?

Look behind the drivers seat for the bar and behind the passenger seat in the compartment under the tray for the jack and socket for the wheel nuts. Ed

Where is the battery on a 1973 Corvette?

behind the drivers seat

What seats will fit a 1984 Corvette?

Try emailing this guy at the below site, they have racing seat brackets and seat combos. The site does not have it on there but I have spoken with him on some of the corvette forums.

How do you remove 1995 Corvette seat?

To remove the seats from a 1995 Corvette, you will need to remove the front and rear nuts from the seat frame studs. You will?æalso need to remove the lug wrench that is attached to the seat frame studs.

What would cause the power seat adjuster on a 2001 Park Avenue to move the seat backward and forward but not up and down?

There is a transmission under the seat and the solonoids may be bad or the cables broken. I was told by the Buick dealer if it is the cable it's about $600 to fix as the entire seat platform has to be replaced. Mine broke on both seats on my 2000 Park Avenue. The front adjuster on the driver side and the rear adjuster on the passenger side.

Where is the RKE Remote Keyless Entry module located on a 1998 Chevy Corvette?

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Is there any other seat belts from any other kind of car that would fit a 1977 Corvette?

Check out Corvette Forum.Some members have been retro fitting seat belts from 3rd gen camaros.AnswerI have replaced a 1977 corvettes seat belts with a newer model. It is the Corvette Z06.

Did the 1957 Chevy have seat belts?

No, the 1957 Chevy didn't come with seat belts.

Where is the battery located in a 1981 Corvette?

Behind the driver's seat.

Battery location in 1974 Corvette?

It is behind the driver's seat